FAQs about Applying for a Grant


Below are some of the frequently asked questions by grant applicants when they write grant proposals. However, in the event you feel that your question is not addressed or adequately addressed, you can contact the funding organization or experts in writing grant proposals to assist you.

a)     Should I apply for a grant in a single organization or different organizations?

It is advisable to apply for a grant in more than one organization. This is because there is a proposal that you might not get complete funding from a single organization, or your application may be turned down.

b)     What should I do is my proposal is rejected?

You could make a call and find out if it is possible to make another application. You could also ask if the reviewers can point out errors that should be corrected. When making this call, however, have it in your mind that it is not an argument you want to win.

c)      What am I supposed to do if I am funded?

The funding organization will inform you on the approval and how you will access the funds. Acknowledge receipt of the notice. Inquire if you are required to sign a contract, reporting guidelines, and ask for clarification on anything not clear.

d)     What happens if the project is not fully funded?

Apply for funding from other organizations to top up the budget. You could also scale down the project. While this is happening, inform the organization that funded you.  You could request the funding organization to transfer the funds to a different project if the above two are not possible.

e)      Should I engage the services of professional writers?

Based on the circumstances surrounding you, you can engage the services of grant proposal professionals; they can help you write high-quality grant proposals within a short deadline. On the other hand, understand that it is a cost you might not recover; you are not guaranteed that the proposal will be approved, especially if you are requesting for large-scale funding and you are a smallholding. Nevertheless, most of the proposals are approved.

f)       What happens after I submit my proposal?

Proposals from all applicants are reviewed carefully. The first proposals to be disqualified are those that do not follow the basic guidelines given.