Family and Consumer Science Paper sample on Hypothesis


Question 1

A hypothesis is an educated guess based on logic that tentatively explains various phenomena being investigated.  It is often based on some facts or limited evidence hence acts as the genesis of further study. As such, it is common for researchers to formulate hypotheses to act as guidelines in their studies.

Question 2

Data is an important element of research because it is the one to be collected, analyzed, processed, interpreted and discussed. The four basic levels of data measurements are as follows;

Nominal scale – measures data that is qualitative in nature such  names  and colours. Nominal scale neither reveals any order of data nor have any relevancy in numerical calculations because of its qualitative nature.

Ordinal scale – measures qualitative data that can be ordered.  While this scale allows data to be ordered, it does not support numerical calculations. Examples include top five students in a class and the seven colours of the rainbow.

Interval scale – measures data similar to ordinal levels but incorporates the characteristic of obtaining the difference between the data variables. Interval measurement is quantitative in nature, for example, temperature values such as 15° C and 10° F.  Interval level supports numerical calculations.

Ratio scale – provides comprehensive information because it measures quantitative in nature. The scale is similar to the interval scale but has a starting point to enable ratio calculation. An example is subject scores for student out of 100.

Question 3

  1. References
  2. Dr. Faraj  | Professor in Food Science | Department of Family and Consumer Science

Dr. Faraj is one of the most prolific instructors I have come across in the course of my studies. She coordinates the food science internship program and is the primary advisor for food science students hence commanding a huge reputation among the students. I have grown to respect her work especially now she has taken me through most of my classes for the three years I have been in this university.  She is a perfect fit as my leading reference because she known a lot about me over the three-year period. Being the coordinator of the food science internship program and the primary advisor for food science students commands a huge reputation for her among the students. Personally, I look up to her as a role model. 

  • Prof. Kova | Professor in Food Science | Department of Family and Consumer Science

Professor Kova is a great intellectual that I have come to know very well in the school having been my instructor in some classes. She knows a lot about me since I have always approached her whenever I had an issue with my studies. I have always approached her whenever I had personal problems and she always gave a working solution. She will also be my supervisor during my research work because she is everyone’s favorite when it comes to that. I believe her knowledge about me as a teacher and a friend makes her fit to be my reference


I have already approached Dr. Faraj and Prof. Kova to be my references and they readily acknowledged. The two are extroverts and easily go along with students. They are not the strict types that lock themselves in the offices. Knowing them as my personal friends and favorite instructors, all I need is an email message and they can readily acknowledge being my references.