Ethics Sample Essay on Uses of Personality and Integrity Testing

Uses of Personality and Integrity Testing

Pre-employment tests are the best way to ensure that corporations make good and efficient hiring decisions, and as such, these tests are necessary. Companies lose millions of dollars annually because of incompetent staff (Daniel, 2005). Employees with low morale and productivity, as well as those with tendencies to cheat can be sieved out using these tests. If used wisely, these personality tests are a useful measure of whether the employee being hired will be a good match for the enterprise. Personality and integrity tests are a reference tool for an employee’s predisposition to reason in a certain way, and whether they process information intuitively or sensitively (Kaplan, 2014). With this data, employers are able better to acclimate new hires to the company mission and culture.

            Jobs in the retail and financial services industry require more use of integrity tests. In such industries, employees are usually unsupervised but have easy access to funds and merchandise. These tests thus aid corporations predict the proneness of employees to theft. In the insurance, sales and marketing industry also, personality tests enable the employers to measure the introversion and extroversion characteristics of applicants. For jobs that require emotional intelligence for example in the police department, these tests are useful for eradicating candidates with mental instability and psychopathy (Schmidt, 1999).

            The field of personality and integrity testing is expanding at the rate of 8-10% per year, and thus corporations are bound to increase the use of these tests. 30% of American companies use personality tests, growing it into a $400 million industry(Daniel, 2005). Companies usually have an attrition rate for new hires of 40%, and with such statistics, more companies are bound to look to new methods to reduce the cost of hiring. Personality and integrity tests have proven to be vital in hiring, and thus there is bound to be an upsurge in their use.


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