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Virtual Exhibition

Visual exhibition online marketing for electronic products was triggered by the need to have a more efficient and comprehensive software that addresses e-commerce. The software to be developed will be able to bring together companies trading in electronic products to sell them through the internet. The software will be downloaded on the cell phone and installed as an application. The application will enhance the purchase of electronic goods and services online. This application will be downloaded and installed in the cell phone .Customers will be in a position to access the uploaded images by the company on the application and buy electronic products online (Sheehan, 2010). Competition in the market is also becoming stiffer because of new entry by other companies that provide substitute application software for online shopping at a lower price hence the need to develop a standard application at lower price. Companies are looking for a new way of marketing their products; therefore, online marketing is the best option for them. The management prefers to invest in a visual exhibition for the electronic product to address the problem of changing shopping behaviors by customers. The software to be developed will create a virtual market for electronic products where companies and buyers will be able to sell and buy online respectively. The targeted product to be sold and purchased online will be Samsung phones with inbuilt online shopping application and some of the Sony and Apple electronics products and gadget.

Primary Customer Segments

The application of visual exhibition in the sale of Samsung cell phone with an inbuilt online shopping application will create an interface for companies and target customers through which they will conduct the business. Primarily, the application targets the electronic company like Samsung, Sony, and apple and young generation consumers in the global market. This is because the use of internet by the young generation in the globe has continually risen and the shopping behavior has changed. The target group will be able to purchase and pay online while the company makes the necessary delivery. Visitors log in to the application and access different products uploaded by various companies online in the virtual market. On the other hand, the company will upload its product images and price tag online and pay for the service. The visitors of the site will be monitored through the use of heat mapping and sophisticated browser recording technology (Ginty, Vaccarello, & Leake, 2012). To monetize the target segment, the company will first observe their behaviors in visiting the site and shopping behavior. Companies will be personalized and charged for uploading their product images to the virtual market while the young generation or visitors in the world will apply click tale to access the virtual market hence monetizing their actions. This will help the administrator to comprehend the visitors purchasing behavior, and determine the behaviors that lead to purchase by the visitors.

Value Proposition of Your Product to Each Customer Segment

Virtual exhibition marketing has a lot of benefit to a company despite being able to reduce the cost of marketing. This is because companies are in a position to advertise and sell their products through the website. Another advantage to the company is that it will increase its customer base throughout the world since the internet exposes the company’s products to the global virtual market. Time taken to place an order for electronic product will be reduced by great deal; this will enhance and improve the company’s competitive advantage. To the younger generation or the visitors, virtual marketing presents an option market where they can purchase electronic products within a short period and accessible any time (Fairlie & Robb, 2011). Visitors can purchase electronic products from every corner of the world since the internet connects the globe into one place. Visitors of the site will be in a position to compare prices of electronic products from the virtual market, thus making quick decision about whether to purchase the products. 

Key Resources Critical for the Business

Three major resources are very essential to start the business of online selling and purchasing. These resources are human capital, financial capital, and infrastructure. Human capital represents the experts who will spearhead the development of the website. They include analysts and experts in the field of technology. Financial capital represents means of financing the business. This will depend on the current financial structure of the company. The business can opt for venture capital financing (De et al., 2014). The third critical resource for the company is the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the operations of the business. Infrastructure includes the business enterprises, machines, and equipment to enable smooth operation of the business.

The Potential Revenue Streams Associated with this Product

The product will generate revenue from charging the companies that want to upload images of their electronic products in the virtual market stalls. This will be a great source of income for the business since companies will opt for online selling of their products. Another source of income generation is charging the visitors who decide to shop online. This will increase a company revenue collection due to the huge number of visitors who will choose to shop online globally.

List of Five Innovative Product Features to Include in the Product Roadmap for the First Year

Online shopping application will offer real time shopping experience to the target audience. This is because online shopping presents quick and efficient way of marketing activities. The following are the unique features that will be incorporated in the development of online marketing software. One of the features is that it will incorporate three user’s basics, which are exhibitors, visitors (consumers), and sponsors (companies). The second feature that will be included is visual market with graphic stalls that are exposed to the sponsors to purchase and upload images. Companies will purchase the stalls in order to upload the images of the products they wish to advertise and sell online. The third feature is the log in page for the company where they can interact and negotiate with visitors on the uploaded images. This will help the business to keep record of its sponsors and visitors. Another feature is the log in page for the visitors who would like to shop online (Campbell, Giglio, & Polk, 2010). This will help to determine the action of the visitors that may lead to the purchase of electronic products. Finally, we are going to incorporate a feedback system of determining the efficiency and effectiveness of the shopping experience by the visitors online. The feedback provided by the visitors will help to improve service delivery and increase visitor’s satisfaction. It will also help to address the challenges that the visitors may encounter in their shopping encounter. These are just but a few features that will be included in the coming year online shopping experience.


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