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Translating Talent

 Defining business

The Sol y Canto enterprise bases its operations on composition of songs and presentation that touchits audience admixed with the rich Latin American culture. In Chapter 3 (119), Rosi says, “…culture does connect and interact individuals, both Hispanic and non-Hispanic, through shared experience with touch of songs, poems, funny, elation and lively feeling that connects to audiences’ hopes and pictures of a better world.’’

It offers native Latin American musical performances modern and original repertory that passes social awareness messages to varied audiences with rich vocals and lush instrumentation that incorporates Spanish guitar, saxophone, and flute, acoustic bass, and the piano.

It has a large target market with an audience of all ages – varying from kids to elderly. Events last between 45 minutes and two hours, considering number of entertainers involved, length, location, venue size, and ticket generation (Chapter3, 119). They perform mainly in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Culture of the Amador’s business

The organization is a small group of six people. They are close friends, have social lives, offer each other support, and regularly communicate. They arrange weekly meetings to solve arising issues and offer ideas towards meeting customers’ needs. 

Methods of deciding business opportunities that Amador’s followed

They discovered an opportunity in voice-over ventures and worked hard on pursuing the voice-over work. They involve their twin daughters, who help them in voice over. This has allowed them to dedicate more time at home with their daughters, as well as reduce the cost of travelling. This has proved successful.

 Below are competitive advantages that Amador Bilingual Voice-Over had in the domain

Their pricing is competitive as voice over is done at home, and their base recording studio reduced the expensesof renting. Its quality service is shown by the ability to provide accent-free voice-overs depending on customer selection. They do possess acting experience to reach the audience and show emotions in rendition, tonal variations, and quality voicing.

Their service delivery is positive as they receive testimonies from satisfied customers who appreciate quality work. They are able to work on and finish on time small projects; a commitment of one week for larger shows depicts their speed and turnaround. They also offer native, unmatched Latin styles of music, which has won them accolades.

This is the advice that I would give them if I were consulting them

  I would advise them to involve adverts in their work instead of relying on self-marketing. They need to pass the prowess to their daughters, as a sign that they have began and committed to working with them. In addition, they should not get contented with the achievements. Soy y Canto, being a brand, can allow them to do a lot for the community and give back to the community through no-profit concerts.