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The Specialization of Database Administration


A specialization is an area of expertise that a professional chooses to pay attention to and work on that field within an organization. Specialization is a term that was formulated by pioneering British economist, John Adams. His key argument was that specialization led to the improvement of employees within an organization as employees were allowed to work on tasks they were completely motivated in executing. Consequently, this led to the improvement and efficiency in organizations’ performance, thus leading to increase in sales revenues and profit margins.

Specialization is an old practice that was pioneered during the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain. Specialization has proved to be a tick in many organizations as it facilitates achievements of an organization’s goals and objectives. Over the years, many specialization roles have emerged as the management has moved to align business units commensurate to the core goals of the organizations. This paper will discuss the IT specialization of Database Administration, the current monthly listings of positions in the Database Journal Magazine, and a critical analysis of technical documents on databases.


Database Administration is a field within the Information Technology profession. The field was as a result of vast amounts of data that was facing organizations operating in various industries ranging from banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail just. An acronym is a word that is derived from the first or initial letters of another word or phrase. The popular acronym that is used to refer to database specialists is DBA, which stands for Database Administrator. The main task of a Database Administrator ranges from setting up a database, maintenance, optimization, data recovery, and writing queries for a database among other many defined tasks. According to the Houston Texas Chronicle, there were numerous positions that were listed that required the position of a DBA to be filled.

The database professionals who are likely to fill these positions have been on high demand. This is attributed to various factors that are emerging in the technological world. There has been increased demand for database services among employees as a result of automation of the IT service delivery in the organizations. Additionally, employees from various departments, such as business analysis and data analysts have to access and mine the data stored in the databases in order to make efficient decisions. There has been tremendous growth of e-commerce services as organizations seek to have an online presence globally (Houston Texas Chronicle 11).

Adoption of newer and emerging technologies, such as cloud computing has led to the proliferation of database services in organizations, leading to increased access. Big data, which refers large volumes of data mainly within major organizations, such as multinational corporations, banks, retailers and manufacturers, has also contributed to the growth of database professionals. Some of the major cloud computing technologies include Drop Box, Box, Microsoft Cloud, and Google Drive. The most common DBAs in demand include MySQL DBAs, Oracle DBAs, Microsoft SQL Server DBAs, Sybase DBAs and IBM DB2 DBAs. Professionals holding the respective qualifications and certifications are normally on high demand (Houston Texas Chronicle 15).

CIO Magazine is one of the most respected IT industry professional magazines and lists positions available in IT job market on a daily basis. There are very many positions requiring DBA that are listed on a daily basis. In the month of January 2015, there were numerous positions that were listed. Big Fish Corporation, which is a PC and mobile distributor of games advertised for the position of a senior MySQL DBA whose key role would be supporting services built on the MySQL infrastructure. Among other roles would include designing the architecture of the database for the existing and upcoming initiatives, monitoring the database, tuning, and planning for further capacity. This position required a technology degree coupled with four years of experience.

RecruitWise posted a position of Oracle DBA, which demanded a professional with a minimum five years experience in dealing with Oracle platforms, such as Oracle 10g and 11g. Verizon Corporation advertised a position for an entry level DBA requiring at least one or more years of experience in SQL and UNIX technological platforms. These DBA positions not only demand technological adept professionals but also excellent personal attributes, such as teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, analytical and excellent communication skills (CIO Magazine 3).

This part will discuss two technical documents in the field of database management. Codd authored one of the most powerful research articles in the field of database. He mentions the innovation of relational databases that could facilitate easy and efficient management of large datasets (Codd 3). He played a key role in defining the career of many DBAs. Codd ensured that DBAs could adequately comprehend the internal workings of a database. His paper led to the establishment of Oracle Corporation, which is a key player in database software market. Oracle DBAs are some of the most demanded database professionals.

Yoshikawa, Amagasa & Shimura argue that the XRel approach is a significant method that can be used to store and retrieve documents written in XML using relational databases (2). Given the tree structure of a database, documents written in XML can be further decomposed into pieces comprising nodes. Nodes are points in database that hold crucial data and information for an organization (Yoshikawa et al. 5). The XML document can then be stored in relational databases with reference to the type of node. The effectiveness of this method can be illustrated using real documents written in XML.


Specialization is a key area, particularly in the management of human resources in modern day organizations. Specialization facilitates speed in the execution of ideas and decisions within an organization. The IT industry has evolved over the years as a result of growth in the knowledge and research, which calls for specializations. This has led to development of IT careers in software engineering, computer science research, and database administration.

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