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The Reactionary mind by Corey Robin

The article by Corey Robin gives much insight of the issue of conservatism. As his article reveals robin believes that there is only one kind of conservatism in the world. He contends that conservatism is a concept that is found everywhere and it will forever exist in our political systems, for example, in the U.S, if the left is totally free from the right, then the whole system crumbles down. Robin perceives the concept of conservatism as an activist. He shows that all people who are conservatives have a reactionary spirit (Robin 18). All the conservatives are unified into one concept; they all unite to display their rage. The conservatism hate is directed to all those people who believe that they have the special capabilities to lead others yet show various shortcomings in their leadership styles.

Robin reveals that the concept that began in the late 18th century has been brought into culmination. To support his claim with an example, many Christians today protest against the same sex marriage, they lament that this is breaking from the intended purpose of the creator. The activist on the other hand contend that same sex marriage is modern and people should not be prevented from expressing how they feel for each other, they solidify this by saying that people have different sexual orientations.

In his argument, Robin adds to the claims by Burke’s who further elaborates on the responsibilities of the modern conservatism (Robin 19). He explains that, it was not because of his reflections on the France revolution, but his Philosophical inquiry into our thoughts concerning the sublime and the Beautiful that needs great attention (Robin 19). Robin counters Burke by denying the factor in beauty; he contends that power is in need of sublimity. Owing to his emphasis on matters to do with the sublime, Burke should not be regarded as a defender of the old regimes (Robin 19). The Bourbons described in the book lost both beauty and the sublime, they changed to become pathetic and more decadent, and they did not have a capacity to justify themselves.

 As Robin explains, all conservatives are looking for an imaginary world that is too horrified to ever survive; he describes them as theorists who are contemplating for loss. This is the reason why all the circles they defend have appealed to the big collection of the ordinary people that they hold in contempt. No one would like to loss, each and every person loves to live in an ideal world.

In the View of Robin, Burkes fits into the definition of being a conservatist; he is immensely concerned with preserving the institutions that were tested in terms of history, God the whole nature and man (Robin 27). This makes him participate in the defense of the Whig organizations in England, he had much belief that this organization was built and embedded deeply in the society that they came from. He tried championing, for  causes of  people going through the injustices.

Palin is perceived as an anti elitist, she does not have a big role to play in Robin agenda. This is because as Robin shows, the most powerful part of modern right is not built on the elitist but the populist. During the 90’s, many right wing movements garnered loyalty from people. In today’s politics, it is evident that many right wing movements are populists; they get their support from the citizens and draw their frustrations back to the same citizens.

Robin does not in any way support this; he explains the ideology of the right wing populist as a trick used for the purpose of convincing the mass to restore the power of the elites. The presence of conspiracy theories can be a sign of bad things. Despite the above, the essays in Robin book, that show the minds of the conservative believers and their points is unconvincing. The book has smart and very interesting points; however, there is immense exaggeration. In one instance, Robin contends that the U.S media is engaging in censorship and as a result, many dictator countries envy the United States. Robin claims that, conservatisms’ are contented with this factor. The exaggeration reaches climax in Protocols of Machismo (Robin 184).

Robin argues that the whole ideology of the national security does not have a meaning or validity, and for this purpose, it is utilized by the conservatives for the purpose of justifying violence and aggression towards people who are marginalized. This cannot be regarded as truth considering the way by which the Bush administration handled the Iraq case (Robin 167). The arguments by Robin are extensive and seem to go beyond the expected, he portrays that the American leaders are a group of evil people who are motivated by the desire to show that they are kings and nothing can stop them from being what they want to be.

Integrating all this, Robin should try to answer the reason why, in the midst of many social problems, it is the right wing that came up with the Tea party, why is the American population protesting against the tax increase. The left has been slow to reach for the ordinary people, to address them and resonate with some of their most basic problems.

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