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Suicide ChildBombers


This study covers literature review and the table of studies. The study explores on the root reasons fort eh weaponry, and factors that motivate the participants to volunteer in suicide missions.

Literature Review

According to the United Nations latest report (Hayward, 2015Para 2), ISIS is using mentally incapacitated children as suicide Bombers. Young children are sold into slavery in the Islamic states. The children of the minorities are sold in the market places with price tags already on them. These children are then suppressed into the service acting as human shields besides the American air strikes. In addition to this, these children are beheaded, crucified, and buried alive. These children being misused are said to be of the Christian communities, Yazidi sect, Sunnis, and Shi’ite background. Children as young as eight years are captured, trained, and used without their knowledge. According to the news, the children were trained on the Shari laws and Islamic code of war to be united, maintain good manners, and ensure victory for Prophet Mohammed even as they obey Allah (Hayward, Para12, 2015). The result is that these children are either killed or badly wounded by the air strikes; others die of dehydration, heat, and starvation.

Children have also been used as suicide bombers in the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. Palestinian groups exploit children to be used to attack the targets of their enemies. This has been in 2000-2005. This is in total disregard of the human and children’s rights to life. Children have been easy recruits as they are easily enticed to avenge for the deaths of their relatives and family members, and to satisfy their quest of joining the military. This news came to public knowledge when a mentally incapacitated 14-year-old boy was disarmed when he reached the Israeli checkpoint. According to these findings, more than 30 young people have opened attacks using explosive devices by 2005 in this war (Mark, 2015).

These children are said to be highly paid to carry out these attacks. The payment can go as high as 1000 shekels for a single attack. For instance, a young boy of age 12 was paid 100 NIS and promised sex with virgins if he would comply to attack people at the Israeli checkpoint. Failures to do this, these children are threatened that their entire relations will be slaughtered. Other children are also recruiting others within their classrooms. Due to the helpless situation, the residents live in, children and teenagers easily fall prey in order to complete their education and deliver their relations from the humble, humiliating, and shaming backgrounds. Once recruited, these children are forced to cut off any links from the real world and encouraged to memorize the Quran principles on warfare, which are based on sound than on meaning.

Two methods are used in training the suicide bombers: first, teachers look for teenagers that have personality problems and desire to have an element to satisfy their inner being. Then, they apply the teaching technique, which gets through the identity of the large group and into the spaces of the personality and identities. Once the recruits are qualified, the regular rules and regulations cannot no longer apply to their streams of thoughts and actions. From a very young age, children from the Palestinian background are taught on the issue of Martyrdom. They are taught to respect and honor martyrs, who include the suicide bombers (Peralta, 2015). Many young children know that these bombers die for the sake of their land, which was illegally acquired by the enemies. Some of them can even be traced with necklaces of the martyrs on their necks. The idea of fighting for the sake of the homeland is acquired even by parents who willfully send their children as suicide bombers. This is contrary to the international view. Another contrast is felt in the definition of a child. According to the international definition, a child is any person who is yet to attain age 18 (Peralta, 2015). According to the Palestinian definition, a child is any person under the age of 16. When asked of the children’s participation in war, these military and religious groupings have strongly denied the charges citing them as mere accusations.

These children are promised to come out alive after fulfilling their work.  This is according to an eight-year young boy who was given the mission of killing the enemies (Farmer, 2012). His work was defined as very simple, touching the wires together and coming back to the men. God would come strong for him and spare him together with his parents. The boy narrated how he was convinced that the flames and the shrapnel would not harm him in any way. The boy was blindfolded, tired with the explosives, driven to the target in Kandahar in Afghan city, and left on the Quetta streets. Before he followed the orders, he says he realized that he was being used in the black activity (Farmer, 2012). He shouted and the people came to his rescue. The police detonated the bombs and freed him. According to the Afghan officials, the case is common as children are used. This is mainly so since it is easier for young children to get through checkpoints more easily than men are. According to their statement, more than 100 children have been rescued within the last 12 months (Farmer, 2012).  

The use of children has been rising in the last ten years. Another criteria used by the militants is feeding the captured minors with anti-western propaganda as they are being prepared to kill. They are however reassured the safe deliverance from the harm by God.  This makes the children believe that they will saved and not die. They are also given the amulet with Koran versus for protection. This is after the Jihadists successfully applied the tactic in Iraq. These weapons have often been tired on the body parts, sewn on the vests of the minors or hidden on the waist belts. This is according to the Afghan and NATO officials (Peralta, 2015). These minors have often been chosen from the students attending the madrassas and Islamic colleges. Among the Muslims, the poor are often recruited. This is due to their inability to be enrolled to other schools and their dependence on free education. Most of them are usually many with poor parents to take care of them.

After being captured, many of the captured children are often freed while other remains under the Afghanistan’s jails. Once jailed, these children retract their confessions and plead guilty. Others however come to accuse the juvenile prosecutors for pressurizing them. This is usually after they have met with their parents and changed their minds (Farmer, 2015).


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