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Personal Statement: Material Science and Engineering

Material Science and Engineering is a field of science that deals with consolidating ideas to come up with product-related technologies. This has been my interest since childhood. It was always exhibited in my innovativeness while growing up. I would make one thing after another, astonishing everyone around me including my parents. This stirred up a desire in me to be an engineer someday. I was not so much interested in road construction; however the production of other goods kept fascinating me.

This passion never died in even when I joined high school in the year 2006. I enrolled at New Britain High School where I excelled in my studies. I proceeded on to college where I studied Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology-a course that I always longed to study. During my college days, I would spend much of my free time in the laboratories engaging my instructors in all manner of intelligent queries. My efforts reflected in my results in the end as I scored a GPA of 3.63. My performance in Mathematics and Chemistry was also outstanding.

Because of such commendable results, I got a job opening in Westphalia Inc, North America. Over the years I have gathered a lot of professional and interpersonal skills such as team work, respect, tolerance and open-mindedness.  Being an introvert, it has not always been easy to socialize. This has however largely enabled me to be accomodative. I am computer savvy and a member of clubs likes the American Society for Quality (ASQ).Being offered a chance to study the course of my dreams will be fulfilling. However, I believe it will be even better to take the course in an accredited and outstanding institution such as yours. Connecticut brings together students from all over the world.I would therefore appreciate it if you consider giving me a chance in your esteemed organization,