Essay Writing Help on Outcome 3

Outcome 3


The President of the United States continues to seek constructive relationship over various States in the world. One of the strategies that he utilizes entails influencing the economic and political practices of a country. The outcome three presents an article that analyses the diverse ways that Obama influences China. It is persuasive in its approach. In fact, there is logical reasoning behind every point. The following paper presents my reflection on the utilization of rhetorical analysis of outcome Three.

The argument

I understand the target outcome of the paper is to explain the relationship between Obama and China. In essence, Obama seeks to influence China in all its aspects. For instance, China has experienced a growing economy in the recent. President Obama did order his administration to increase cultural literacy in the US in order to facilitate in order for the inhabitants to appreciate the China. Moreover, the step is likely to better the working relationship.

I believe that this outcome is critical to developing a good writing wing to a number of reasons. First, the writing of the outcome was an opportunity for me to explore a variety of research articles concerning China’s relationship to the United States. For example, there are variety of scholars who did research. In the internet found resource materials that explained the bold economic move of Obama. The Alliance for America Manufacturing paper explains how the Chinese Tire imports are paying off in the United States. China has been influenced academically, economically, and culturally through the policies and programs shared with America. This outcome is important in good writing as it helps me understand the significance of research and further analysis of any written document. Through the outcome, I have come to realize that the reader can understand even the tension and the emotional circumstances in any present situation. I have understood the deeper insights in cultural literacy, for instance, Chinese have managed to profoundly perform in all forms of trade. This is significant, as trade has become the driving force to economic growth, hence a steadfast source of competitive advantage. By understanding the benefits and the challenges that the teams are undergoing, this writing helps me how to critique a paper for further understanding.

I can effectively use the outcome three in analyzing other complicated papers. Through the analysis I can affirm the benefits of the having a persuasive paper. This is to make sure the reader gets to understand the mind of the reader and gets to change the perceptions of the prevailing situations. I have also come to realize the reason why the member of the union can never take advantage over the other member because of the strategy that the key member, who is America has over the others. American has managed to change the Chinese religion, values, and morals. For instance, Tibet is slowly gaining freedom from the Chinese administration. Hence, the people are looking forward to enjoy human rights and freedom, which they could not partake of other than through the cultural literacy agreement of the China and America. This is an instance where the world will manage to get through Chinese culture and religion. The issue of Tibet has further proven to the world that America remains the world super power. Therefore, this outcome has further sharpened my skills in understanding the deeper issues between any two unions.


Finally, I must admit that outcome three has been influential in improving my writing. I can utilize the concepts of pervasion to convey the information.