Essay Writing Help on Lean-Six Sigma Construction

Lean-six Sigma Construction

To lean is to increase efficiency. It entails principles like focus on the client, find out the work that gives value, improve and manage the flow of the business, removing waste, avail tools to be used by individuals who take part in the process, and take on an improvement activity in an orderly way. Sigma six eliminates differences in a process while enabling for flexibility in the use of professional judgment. Sigma focuses on five main elements and they include the following: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. A combination of lean and sigma means doing things in an improved manner (Swanger & Sibley, 2012).

The main objective of CPPI project was to lessen its monetary closing procedure from 45- 60 to 15 days on a quarterly and monthly process respectively. For CPPI project to be successful, it was vital for it to maintain the following lean/ sigma elements; top down support, employee engagement, project focus, customers define value, and patients is key. The accounts department was so excited about the new objectives that they tried to attain them without first executing some of the essential solutions. As a result, the team came up with a timeline to adhere to in a proper manner to achieve the end objective. The outcome of this process was that the members of the project management of the team learned of the significance of lean/sigma process. CPPI noted the following solutions that would be executed over the coming years; creating and executing training programs for all personnel that are involved in the cash disbursement process. Secondly, reinstating the project management software with one that incorporates with the accounting system directly to lessen the amount of time used on duplicating data entry. This process would enable the company to reassign to reallocate duties within the accounting department and reduce overtime (Swanger & Sibley, 2012).


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