Dear Peter,

I trust that you are well and work is also great. I am fine too. We studied in the same college, although you were ahead of me. Therefore, I have confidence that out of your career experience, I can count on your advice. I request that you arrange for an information interview for me at a time of your convenience. I also have an interest in police service and would just like to find out from you what it is like undertaking my career of interest.

Please note that I am not looking for a job, but rather, information on the law enforcement career. Knowledge is power, and if I have to accomplish anything in my career, it starts with acquiring the necessary bits and wealth of information. Then I would be charged and empowered towards advancing in my own career life. I would like to find out the realities of working as a police officer. What are your job descriptions? How does your schedule, on a normal working day look like? I would also like to understand how you balance your work and personal responsibilities like the family and friends.

I understand that a police officer usually has several job options like highway patrol, handling investigations and prosecution, among others. Would you, in the information interview, help me to know more on these different assignments? In addition to this, I would like to hear your opinion on the benefits of being a corp. I know that one enjoys job security as an officer and receives a good salary and other benefits like medical cover. Would you kindly expound on these benefits? Finally, I would like to understand the challenges that the police officers go through in their career. Have you gone through some challenges and how did you overcome them?

I look forward to your response to my request.

Thank You.