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In any place of work, good relationship among the workers, managers, and the organization owners is the key towards healthy coexistence and the overall organization success. Being an office manager who is responsible for two of the employees of the DMD Medical Suppliers namely Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen, I am anxious. The cause of my worry is the recent problems that my team is facing. In particularly, Ruth is constantly complaining of tiredness that has caused the organization additional monthly $200 because of her constant request of overtime. Frank on his part has complained about the poor quality of Ruth’s work. Seemingly, every member of my team as a problem that needs to be addressed urgently.

As I have stated earlier, being a manager responsible for my team, I have to come up with a speedy resolution of the problems facing my members. First, I must undertake brains storming session to come up with the causes, the magnitude, the duration, and the impact of the problem as far as other employees are concerned. However, to some extent, I may not be able to address some of the challenges. I believe that with my capacity as an office manager, I would be in a position of solving some of them. I would have time for everyone to listen to their problems with the aim of coming up with an amicable solution that best suit both the organization and the workers (Miller&Prichard 415).

In the first place, I would sit down with Ruth and explain to her the need to have the organization at heart. In addition, I would advise her to balance her time well to avoid unnecessary overtime that is costing the organization great deal. As for Samuel and Frank Daley, I would encourage them to choose either to work for the organization or their part-time job. Moreover, I would also recommend Frank to forge good working relationship with Ruth to avoid future problems. As for Liz Jakowski, I would suggest that she concentrate on the duties assigned to her and forget about Jessica Hilo uncertainty. Last, I would advise the organization to review the salaries of the workers with the aim of having an increment (Miller&Prichard423). All of these resolutions would have a positive influence on Ruth, Jack, and executive team. The good news is that the organization would not have much of the financialconstraints.

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