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Global Organizational Culture

Creation of international internship programs in various organizations is not a one-man show affair. A good number of organizations often involve cross-cultural virtual teams to expedite the process. A leader of a virtual cross-cultural team should have certain characteristics and practices in order to be successful. There is an insignificant misconception that an individual leading a virtual cross-cultural team should be able to speak several languages and must have lived and worked in various countries (Denison, 2012). The most important aspect is that an individual leading a virtual cross-cultural team should have the ability to develop intercultural sensitivity and understanding among all the members of their team. This plays a key role in helping avoid confusion and tension during discussions in virtual teams (Denison, 2012). A virtual cross-cultural team leader should also do away with possible assumptions and stereotypes among team members besides encouraging them to be open-minded. Leading a U.S based virtual cross cultural team is different from leading a global virtual cross-cultural team because the former involves people who have lived in the US for a long time and have a similar culture while the latter involves people from various countries who have not lived together, do not understand one another and have very different cultures. In fact, leading a US based virtual cross cultural-team is easier than leading a global virtual cross-cultural team.

The virtual cross-cultural team creating the international internship program will have to consider various legal or regulatory factors for the interns to be employed in the United States. For instance, the team should ensure that each of the interns is issued with the documents needed to prove that they have legally migrated and are entitled to live and work within the US. This may involve issuance of visas to interns who are in the US on a temporary basis. On the other hand, those who intend to live and work permanently in the US should be issued with green cards (Shally-Jensen, 2011). Strict adherence to legal issues by the interns will assure them of their safety and peace.

The organization creating the international internship program should sponsor the interns’ flights. On their arrival in the US, the organization should strive to introduce the interns to the US culture. For the interns to learn and familiarize with the US culture, the organizations should play a key role in taking them around the towns and cities in the US. Besides, the interns should be taken to various cultural centers within the US. This will give them opportunities to familiarize with ancient and modern cultures of America. The organization can also organize for cultural festivals which will give the interns an opportunity to celebrate their diversity (Shally-Jensen, 2011). Interns from different races will have to attend festivals that identify with their cultures. For instance, interns from Africa will have to attend African festivals while those from Asia will have to attend Asian festivals.

The international internship program in store will be of great benefit both to the interns and the organization. The interns will have the opportunity of understanding and learning about various cultures around the world.  By bringing Asians and Africans together, Africans will have to learn and understand the Asian culture such as arts and music. Conversely, the organization will have an opportunity of promoting cultural diversification as the interns will work for the organization.


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