Essay Writing Help on Genders Perspective in Correction Centers

Genders perspective in correction centers

Gender-irrelevant perspective on corrections – this point of view states that correction facilities should not consider gender issues when it comes to punishing male or female offenders. This viewpoint states that these two people should receive the same treatment based on the type of offense. For example, it is not right for men murderers to be punished heavily than women offenders. As long as the offense is established, the person should receive correction treatment as per the law irrespective of gender. This case also applies to individuals of different sexual orientations such as gay and lesbians. These people should also be treated depending on the level of their offenses. Programming activities in this perspective should include putting all women together irrespective of their sexual orientations. Any person violating this perspective should receive punishment such as extension of jail term or any form of punishment deemed fit by the system.

            Gender maintenance perspective on corrections states that all correction facilities should aim at maintaining gender equality and nature of women prisoners. Some correction centers do or care about the lifestyles and the general wellbeing of women. According to this perspective, women should be well taken care of while in prisons. The leaders in charge must ensure that they observe women’s rights while they undergo incaserations. These centers must provide correctional programming activities such as ensuring that no female inmate assaults the other sexually or physically. The punishment awarded to such further offenses should include the extension of the offenders’ jail term, denial of parole and solitary confinement.   

 Gender issues perspective on corrections – the prospect of gender issue aims at ensuring that women are treated equally while in prison. Gender issues such as gender equality must be observed while taking women to prison. For example, women should be given equal rights as those awarded to their male counterparts. This perspective also requires that correction centers must observe respective human rights when treating women at these centers. For example, they must ensure that women enjoy similar rights as men. They must be treated the same as men are treated unless otherwise stated. They must receive rights such as family visits, paroles, and education while at the center and other activities that hemp improves their lives. Human dignity is another issue that women must be subjected to while in prison. Punishment in this perspective may include denial of human rights and other activities that promote human dignity like education and counseling sessions where and when necessary.

Gender responsive perspective on correction – looks at correction issues based on the responsibilities that the prisons themselves must have in regards to treatment of women in prisons. They should be able to respond to women’s needs and other requirements as per the law. They should have programs that checks on their ability to respond to women’s issues by looking at the number posed versus the number solved.

 Gender challenge perspective on corrections includes the ability to look at gender issues based on the challenges such as ability to meet their needs and demands while in prison. Challenges such as treating people based on age, race, religion, and origin may arise at the centers. Correction programs should include ability to meet the challenges based the needs and demands of inmates. They must also meet other needs that these people want at all times.