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English Personal Statement

Enabling students to grasp the initial knowledge they will use in future is a great gift. Students all through their lives use the knowledge and skills gained in classroom. Teachers therefore have immeasurable impacts towards the lives of young people. It has been my desire to become a role model that nurtures young people, opens their minds, and instils ability and knowledge to look critically at the world and belief in individual capability in making positive contributions to the society. Good education is one important thing someone can impart to the young generation. With this positive impact, I try hard to enjoy working with students regardless of age difference.

The choice of my career has been in Media and I believe that the skills I have acquired while taking my bachelor major in Media significantly goes hand in hand with skills needed to teach English. The course dealt broadly with producing assortment of media projects where I have been contributing in media related jobs on an educational level. During my course, I have been relishing every opportunity and would write imaginatively and present before a large crowd. This has helped me gain more confidence, which will enhance my teaching practices. I have numerous relevant skills and knowledge, such as communication skills gained while taking part in presentation exercises while in school. I have learned to work in groups through field trips to collect data and know how to work independently from producing or presenting coursework. I am able to think imaginatively in the way I obtain resolutions to problems, and I can think critically when studying spoken or written text as I used to do in my media coursework. This gives me motivation to enable students to learn more concerning academic world, and convey other life skills, such as treating other people with dignity, working in groups, and learning how to be healthy and fit. Indeed, media has become a huge portion of both my personal life and academic life, and I truly believe that placement on this field would assist me in my future profession ambitions in the teaching field.

My experience in media varied environment has facilitated me to develop diverse practical skills. I am zealous about English teaching in order to open up the literature world to young people and assist them explore various wonderful components of English language.  In this case, I am able to handle challenging behaviour efficiently, carry out activities safely, as well as communicate with people from different backgrounds. On the other hand, I am so much creative and enjoy sourcing reading materials, which make learning enjoyable.  Most significantly, my capability to work in teamwork, motivate, and encourage others is a very crucial contribution that I can deliver to the course as well as in the classroom. I suppose that my knowledge and enthusiasm of English will help me succeed to deliver the subject to a higher level and create a thrilled atmosphere among the young pupils I teach. Having trained in the Media, I have learned to deal with several different characters as well as to adjust my technique to the diverse needs of pupils. Being an enthusiastic as well as reflective specialist, I am devoted to enable students achieve and grow. I believe that the initial training will give me good experience to nature my personal confidence and style in teaching. Therefore, I welcome the chance to confer my application in person.