Essay Writing Help on Description and Measurement of Quality

Description and Measurement of Quality

When consumers start to use certain products, they expect the products will meet their requirements. The extent to which valuables are able to meet customers’ requirements is quality, which is experienced by the customers. Consumers experience mainly depends on the design the manufacturer uses to make the products (Stevens et al., 2004). People have defined quality differently, but they all show a common feature, in that for a product to be quality, it has to give them the satisfaction they need when they use it. Quality is the total characteristic that a product is able to satisfy all the needs of the consumers, which they expect to be fulfilled after consumption of the product. Therefore, a product has to suit the use or purpose it was intended to. It must lack any defects that would prevent customers from being delighted after using it.

The quality of a project could be measured through analyzing measures of engagement in the respective project or product. There are key activities that people who undertake projects are expected to show. A quality project would meet participant’s engagement level set when implementing strategies put in place at the beginning of the project. Project quality could also be measured by conducting survey on customers to determine whether they have been satisfied or not (Boekhorst & Poll, 2007). Positive responses could imply that a project achieved the desired quality, and  whilenegative responses would mean a poor quality project. A person could also evaluate the expectations of the shareholders, whereby a positive response would imply a quality project while negative response on their expectations would mean that a product has poor quality.


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