Essay Writing Help on Decision Making

Decision Making

            Decision-making is the process of assessing the available options and coming up with an option that maximizes the gain of an individual or a group of people.

Case Study

            The decision that I made was to enroll for my college studies after high school. At that time, my father’s gas station business was doing very well. He hoped to open another one and let me run the first one on his behalf. The question was “Should I enroll for college my college studies or engage in business and make profits?

The steps that one takes to make a rational decision

Step 1: Identifying the real problem. The real problem was not whether school was good or not. Neither was I doubting that the business would earn me profits early in my life. The core of the matter was my career goal. As one grows up, they have plans concerning what they would want to engage in all their career life. I had to review my vision before I made a decision. In as much as I had thought about engaging in business, it was not in my major career aspirations. I aspired to be a corporate manager some day, not just a businessperson. This made me rethink my decision to take on my father’s booming business.

Step 2: Generate and evaluate alternative solutions. I had two options: stop my studies and start business or finish my studies, be the manager I had dreamt of and then start my own business. If I stopped my studies, I would kill my career dreams. It would be difficult to catch up with school later in life. The advantage I had then was that I was still young and fresh from high school. On the other hand, my father offered me an opportunity to be financially independent and stable. Owning my business would be luxurious and I would be way ahead of my peers. 

Step 3: Decide on preferred course of action. Choosing between the two courses of action was not easy. However, I decided not to look at the implications that the decision had on me then. I decided to focus on the future. In a country where formal education is the basis upon which most institutions operate, I had to acquire a good education background to compete effectively. A good business was an exciting idea then, but in future, I needed good education. I chose to enroll for my college studies and let my father find someone else to help him run his businesses.

Step 4: Implement the decision. I enrolled for my studies and have never regreted taking the decision.

Step 5: Evaluate results. Comparing my intellectual prowess now and then, I have gained a lot of knowledge. I have gained a wider scope of looking into issues not only in business but also in financial management, management, leadership, among others. I have met individuals who got into business earlier and now see the importance of education. Some have had to go back to school to access other job opportunities. Their experience and the tansformation in my intellectual capacity have made me appreciate the decision that I made a few years ago.

            In my case, it was not about alleviating a problem that had occurred, but it was about an opportunity to improve my life in the future.