Essay Writing Help on Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

            Critical thinking can be defined as a mental process that involves skillful and active perception, evaluation, synthesis, and analysis of information collected through experience and observation needed to make decisions. It can also be defined as the ability to clearly think and be rational. This means it involves the ability to think independently and reflectively. Based on the above definitions, critical thinking is definitely important in the development of reasoning skills. To begin with, critical thinking enables an individual to comprehend the logical connections in ideas. As such, it aids an individual to effectively understand how ideas relate to each other. This means a critical thinker is capable of deducing consequences from the information he or she has to resolve issues.

            Second, critical thinking helps in developing reasoning skills by systematically solving problems. A critical thinker will use the information he or she has to evaluate, synthesize, and analyze a problem in order to come up with an amicable solution. For example, if problems like communication barriers rise in an institution, a critical thinker will first collect feedback from all parties involved in the communication. From the feedback, the critical thinker will analyze and synthesize the feedback received in order to combat this issue. Third, critical thinking identifies and evaluates arguments.  This means that a critical thinker will acquire knowledge and strengthen his or her arguments constructively. Moreover, critical thinking can also help an individual to justify his or her own values and believes. For example, perfection can be one of my values. As a critical thinker, I will go to any extent so long as I achieve this value no matter the challenges or hurdles.  Therefore, critical thinking is essential in evaluation and improvement of ideas through constructive reasoning.