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Cochrane Library Review

Systematic Review for Clinical Practice Guidelines

The Cochrane Library facility is a wealthy collection of six databases collection that harbors a broad spectrum of divergent high quality evidence for helping health policy makers, clinicians, scholars, among other relevant information consumers (Jadad & Haynes, 1998). Cochrane Library is of a great help to me as far as performing a systematic review is concerned. This collection of databases is greatly beneficial as it will guide me to do a systematically review and analysis especially in evidence based medicine. This systematic review will help the policy makers optimize their decision making because I will have provided the evidence required in accurate policy making processes (Davidoff et a.,l 1995).

My systematic review will be so helpful especially to doctors who because of the nature of their work are not guaranteed of enough time to study most of the relevant voluminous journals. Majority of the doctors serving within the NHS face the challenge of reduced doctors’ hours. The big challenge that the Cochrane Library will help me solve is to turn my review to clinical questions and then analytically trace, assess, and exhaust contemporaneous exploration conclusions as the basis of clinical judgments and decisions. My advantage to use the Cochrane Library is the capitalization of the automation of bibliographies as well as the development of software used to access rapidly the desired locations of significant evidence (Hopkinson, 1980). Review and rapid critical appraisal appears to me as a key aspect to ascertain the legitimacy and applicability of any evidence, which is then used to inform clinical decisions. A checklist is the most crucial thing to avoid medical error, which many times would lead to irreversible consequences (Phillips, 2004).


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