Essay Writing Help on Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Treatment using Cannabinoids

Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Treatment using Cannabinoids

In most cases, there are limited options available for effective therapeutic treatment of patients that are suffering from chronic pains. However, the mode of action of cannabinoids as a pain reliever is still unknown. In this study, a randomized controlled trial (RCTs) was employed to assess the mode of action of the cannabinoids as far as treating non-cancer chronic pains is concerned (Fiona and Lynch 735). The research was performed according to the guidelines of the QUORUM as well as the PRISMA statements as a way of evaluating and reporting the healthcare interventions (Fiona and Lynch 736). During the study, cannabinoid was administered as smoked, oromucosal extracts, nabilonedronabinol, together with the novel THC analogue. Furthermore, the non-cancer pains that were targeted by cannabinoid treatment include rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and neuropathic pain (Fiona and Lynch 737).

The results of the trials were promising because a larger percentage exhibited positive results following administration of the cannabinoid treatment. Out of the eighteen trials a massive fifteen were able to qualify for the criteria of inclusion. Furthermore, they responded positively since they revealed remarkable analgesic effect. Consequently, the subjects portrayed a great improvement in sleep compared to placebo.  The study also reported no serious side adverse effects since the ones that were reported by the subjects were just mild, moderate hence were tolerable (Fiona and Lynch 741).

Unfortunately, there were some isolated cases where adverse effects were severe, and forced the subjects to withdraw from the study. From the result of the study, it was evident that cannabinoids are potent in relieving of the non-cancer related pain.  As a result, it has the efficacy in relieving pains, such as rheumatoid arthritis together with the fibromyalgia (Fiona and Lynch 741). In conclusion, research is a testimony that cannabinoids treatment is an alternative method of treating chronic pains. However, the study recommended the need for further research that should involve larger subjects over a long period to obtain findings that are more accurate.

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