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Cheesecake: Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

Code of conduct for Cheesecake and its significance to the business

The Cheesecake is a chain of full service restaurants that specializes in Cheesecakes for desserts. The Cheesecake Company emphasizes all its employees to develop relationships based on trust, loyalty, honesty and responsibility. The company believes that all the staff members deserve to be treated with dignity and respect (The Cheesecake Factory, 2015). The company is committed to celebrating the diversity of its workforce and its guest. The company urges all its staff members to work together, respect one another and achieve excellence in the business. The code of ethics is significant in this company because it shows the level of commitment in this company; it shows the beliefs of this company and what it cares about and the values that this company is committed to (The Cheesecake Factory, 2015).

The code conveys a sense of what is important to the leadership of the company, and the stakeholders also have a lot to learn from it, they can tell by the company leadership attitude about the ethics and the compliance (The Cheesecake Factory, 2015). The great codes communicates a story about what a company is strongly committed to responsible conduct and its leadership reinforcement to the key messages, the links between the ethical and the compliance to the company culture and success.

Key steps to ensure employees follow the code of conduct.

To make sure that it is followed to the latter, it is important to take note of several steps. One of the most important steps is to ensure that the policies are written in a language that it easy to understand and follow, words that are easily misconstrued should be used (Sims, 2003). The code should be easily communicated to the employees and their supervisor, training sessions should be held during which the code of conduct is explained and questions solicited. It should be evaluated by the use of different methods, for instance, it is good to keep track of the number of times a challenge is handled according to the set framework. It should also be effectively enforced to make sure that the office environment is friendly and collaborative (Sims, 2003).

Three ways of engaging in socially responsive activities within the operational community

A primary priority for a socially responsible business is to develop and to maintain a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with its community. The businesses that take a keen interest in the community wellbeing can be able to make create the community support, loyalty and the goodwill. This is known as the creation of social license to operate (Sims, 2003). Cheesecake can engage in community relations or community involvement through outreach to the community, this is done with a primary aim to solve problems and foster the social relationships and the community way of life. The company products, premise and services should be free from the barriers; they should enable all the people to access them independently, regardless of the person’s ability, gender and ethnic background (Sims, 2003).

The Cheesecake should engage in social hiring and make direct and meaningful contribution to poverty reduction and economic and social inclusion. The company should hire people who face the labor market barriers. People who have barriers are often kept out of the workforce for many years. Social hiring is a commitment on the part of the employer to recruit the employees who have the employment needs (Sims, 2003).

Through the stakeholder engagement, the company will be able to listen to the community, the community will be able to listen to people’s concerns, needs and the important directions the factory should consider and the significant decisions that they need to consider helping the community. The stakeholder engagement will help to improve the communication between the employer and the employee (Sims, 2003).


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