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Admission Essay

            Considering my efforts and willingness to further my education, I wish to apply for a degree program in your institution. I am personally committed towards excellence due to my self-drive and motivation to pursue successful programs. Throughout my educational life, I have pursued different certifications and courses; I recently completed my Master’s degree in Post-Secondary Education. During the program, I was able to learn the foundations of adult education, principles of instructional design, computer based instructions, the application of current and emerging technology, and the distance learning strategies.  

Most importantly, my Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration provided critical insight on computer information systems. I believe that your institution will offer the right skills and knowledge for my personal and professional success. I possess a strong military education and training background since I was able to undertake different military courses, including Doctrine Developers Integration Course, military decision-making, Ms Office applications, ManPrint Applications Course, Program management, Leadership skills for Non-Supervisors, and Instructional Design for New Designers, among other courses and skills. Moreover, I have gained much experience in my current and past workplaces. 

Currently, I am working as an instructional designer; I have been able to obtain information and organize it into logical and relevant patterns helpful to the end user for experience-based learning. I have also learned to collaborate with other people in coming up with effective solutions. My position as the project manager also exposes me to adequate experience on planning different project activities. This also assists in the identification and communication of potential opportunities to the clients.  My job experience and educational qualifications are relevant in pursing further education due to my wide research skills and knowledge