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            The world today requires highly qualified business professionals in order to address the various business challenges. As such, it is of essence that professional training and work experience in business management play vital roles in this field. In line with work experience, I have vast knowledge in sales and marketing in general. From May 2004- February 2010, I worked as a sales and marketing associate in Pink Moon Est. KSA. I also worked in the same capacity from April 2003 to May 2004 in Dar AL Marefa Company Ltd. KSA. During this period, I did various business and management activities. To begin with, I managed sales processes for new prospects, which were from initial contact through closure. I also dealt with customers on a daily basis. This involved customer contact via phone or email to amicably solve customer requirements. Such communications gave important experiences in dealing with customers.    

            From 2012 to present, I have also worked in various capacities. I have co managed a digital global camera company and won the GLO-BUS Business simulation competition. I have also emerged the best among the competing three thousand and forty teams around the world and received placement three times globally. Moreover, I have received an award of the winning team certificate for New Shoes Marketing Principles Simulation. Additionally, I worked as a Volunteer Event Organizer of the Saudi Students Association in Mount Saint University. With the same business passion, I also volunteered in the Eco-Agriculture Conservation in Costa Rica. I strongly know that such vast work experience gives me the morale to continually pursue academic qualifications in business, management, customer service and sales among others. Considering all these experiences, a Masters degree in Business Administration will definitely equip me with the business tools and technology required to be a tactful business leader in the future.

            Management of complex situations using negotiation and leadership skills was also evident during my working experience. During the period I worked as sales and marketing associate in Pink Moon Est. KSA, I was faced with various business challenges that needed demonstration of leadership skills. For example, the achievement of all the company revenue targets was a major challenge. Considering that it is a large company, achievement of such a goal was very intriguing. I achieved all the company revenue targets by first ensuring that all the objectives were in line with the company’s business plan. In the demonstration of leadership skills, I worked closely with the company’s management team. This ability to co-exist with the other members of the team enabled the production of sales collateral needed for the target market. In turn, this led to positive realization of returns by the company.

Generally, I acquired practical work experiences from the above mentioned companies I worked for in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These companies gave me a unique blend of experiences in each of them. My active participation in marketing independently and leadership capacity gives me the urge to continue pursuing Business Administration. For example, negotiation skills were evident as I was able to develop and maintain successful business relationships associated with the earlier mentioned company. I also demonstrated this skill by establishing true based relationships built on client loyalty. This was possible because I offered personalized services to customers and ensured their issues were properly attended to. I worked hard and collaborated with management team members to ensure that contingency plans were available to address operational problems. A Masters Degree will equip me with more practical approaches in core areas of business management and administration to build on these experiences. This degree program would also ensure I reach my destiny through independent thinking and research by acquiring a profound academic foundation.