Essay Sample Paper on Who Gets the Assignment

Who Gets the Assignment?

            Companies with an international engagement need to operate at a certain level to fulfill their mandate to the different nations. International relations vary from national relations and companies with such ties require a specific level of expertise to carry out successfully the business operations. The problem presented in the case study involves a situation where the company needs to expand its operations in a new locality. Although the company has customers in china, it needs to establish a physical base in the land to raise consumer security and loyalty. The lack of the organization’s physical presence in the locality can give the competitors an opportunity to sway the consumers’ confidence in the company. Establishing a successful organization requires a lot of input from the company. Firstly, the company needs to establish ways through which they can overcome the competition in the new locality. China is a growing nation and many investors have already embraced the opportunity by creating many competitive organizations in the land. The Chinese people are also quite industrious; therefore, the organization needs to establish a high level of credibility for the company to survive in china. The ideal person to take up the task of developing the new center of operation must have international business knowledge of the greater good of the company.

            The important aspects that the company should consider before choosing the person to oversee the growth of the company in china include the culture, the environment, and the economic burden. The company should choose a person with an ideal record of accomplishment of financial management because the process of starting a new branch of an organization is costly. Some of the things that determine the amount of financial resources required in the establishment of the company include the required allowances for the potential business overseer as well as the number of human capital that the person will need to bring about the expected success. As such, the ideal person must be an all round person to reduce the number of employees needed in the creation of the new office. A single person without any family expenses will give the company less financial burden in establishing the new base of operations.

            Environmental issues that the company should consider include the external forces of the organization. Issues such as clients, the competitors, and the markets must be considered in choosing the right individual for the job. An ideal person must be able to fit in with the consumer expectations in various ways. A person with an international experience will be well suited for the position because they can easily adapt to the cultures of the clients in china. As indicated in the case study, the consumers in China have tied with African communities; therefore, the person must be able and willing to work with people from varied cultural backgrounds. The cultural challenges can be overwhelming and considering the time limit, it is ideal to choose a person who can easily adapt to the new cultural situations.

            My recommendation for the position is Guther. He has proven before that he has the capability of growing a company from just a small institution to an international firm in a foreign land. The experience will enable him to develop the company within the given time to an ideal position that the locals can manage with a little help from overseas. Additionally, Guther has a foreign experience that will help him to adapt to the new locality with ease. Working in third world nations is not easy for an individual who does not an international experience. Therefore, Guther fits the required profile because he has been able to adapt to different cultures before. Guther is an organized individual, which is an added advantage for the creation of the new institution. His ability to work in an organized manner will help him to groom the next leader of the organization in an effective and efficient way. Additionally, his current position is higher than the one he will assume in china. His high position in the management team has given him access to ideal information that can be helpful in the management of the business in china. Moreover, the fact that he is willing to assume a lower position shows his commitment to the organization. His enthusiasm to see the company succeed is not tied to the titles or the remunerations. As such, he is the right candidate to take up the management position. On the other hand, Guther has less family disturbances, which will help him to dedicate all his time to managing and growing the new position. Consequently, his accounting qualifications give him an ideal position to determine the right person to hand over the company to after the three years. The company will not require an external auditor because the person in charge has the right skills for the job.

            Giving Guther the job will benefit the company greatly. Through his international relations, he will be able to grow the markets at a faster rate. Guther has a global business mindset, which gives him a higher adaptability success in a foreign land. His presence in china will facilitate the recognition of the company among the international clients. Additionally, the company will be able to achieve financial success and profitability at a faster rate because of Guther’s accounting skills. Guther is bound to transfer the same success that he has achieved in the EU Company to china, which will be beneficial to the company. Additionally, Guther will offer ideal training to the new employees in the new locality thus giving the company an ideal base. The individual has been in a leadership position for quite some time; therefore, he understands the specific needs of different employees, especially in a place where the European or the American human rights laws do not apply. Giving Guther the job will guarantee limited issues between the company and the government of China. Guther understands the international business laws, both theoretically and practically which makes him the ideal candidate for the assignment.

            In conclusion, finding the right person for an international assignment is a vital role for the company. The chosen person has the capability of bringing success or failure to the entire organization. Therefore, the company should involve all the stakeholders in the decision making process for to ensure equal distribution of responsibilities for the actions of the chosen candidate. Guther fits most of the requirements that the company should consider in deciding the right candidate for the job. His experience in international business and his educational qualifications make him an ideal candidate for the job. Most importantly, he does not have heavy family responsibilities, which reduces the company’s financial burden in sending him to China.