Essay Sample Paper on Scholarly Works

Scholarly Works

            This paper will discuss and analyse how an article qualifies to be classified as a scholarly work and not propaganda. To achieve this, this paper will discuss an article titled, “Reducing Income Inequality is Key to Our Prosperity”, which was authored by Robert Freeman, a State Representative for the Democratic Party while he was a guest columnist for The Delaware County Daily Times. The key points highlighted in his article include the significance of trade unions, the shrinking middle class, the political and economic influence and power exerted by the wealthy one per cent of the United States population and the increase in levels of borrowing debts from financial institutions by middle class and lower class families to maintain their consumption. He finalizes with recommendations such as investing in vocational and higher education institutions create a favourable tax structure, increasing access to capital small business and manufacturing enterprises and increasing the minimum wages for the lower cadre employees of organizations.

            This article can be classified as a scholarly work. Robert Freeman vividly shows his critical thinking skills throughout his article. The alternative viewpoints such as boosting trade unions memberships, creating a favourable tax structure and increasing access to capital by businesses just to mention a few are accurately presented. He includes counter examples by citing works by Alan Kruger, Nicholas Kristof and Dr. Martin Luther King. The article encourages debate, discussion and criticisms since it builds a flow that consciously reminiscences in the mind of the author. The article keeps on updating with information from the beginning to the end.

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