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Public Relations

Effective Presentation Skills, Reflective Practice, and Rhetorical Triangle

Modern managers are generally interested in employees who have the ability to provide results once granted a task. In making such a presentation to managers, great emphasis should be placed on the ability to demonstrate how knowledgeable you are about the task at hand by being able to effectively correlate your personal skills, prior experiences and academic knowledge in deriving the decisions on the given task. It is also important that during such an encounter, you are able to show your commitment to work ethic as a way of building trust by establishing credibility in task execution. The ability to work and involve colleagues through provisions such as consulting will also an important detail to demonstrate since it will act as indication of being ate am player and having the ability to provide leadership (Bartlett, 2014).

    Such an experience with a manager can act as an opportunity for an employee to self assess and reflect on his /her performance .This will not only help an individual to boost self-confidence and morale in performing future tasks in the  organization ,but it will also create a long-term image of a committed, dedicated and resourceful employee to the manager.

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            Reflective practice is based on the principle of reflecting on actions with the intent of learning and improving on the action. In a work place, this will entail correlating academic theories, personal skills, prior experience and personal instincts with the task at hand. Through reflective thinking, an individual will be able to understand about the requirement of the matter at hand which will act as a perfect guideline through which he/she can use to prepare an effective and a critically thought out solution by considering all the factors and parties concerned (Townsend, 2013). The information garnered will act as an enriched ground through which a person can use to draw influence. Online presence will enrich content and hence take reflective thinking a notch higher.

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