Essay Homework Help on Life in the twenty second Century

Life in the Twenty Second Century

The advent and acceleration of technological knowhow such as high speed computers, artificial intelligence and biotechnology makes the prospects of daily life in the next century exciting and hopeful. In the next century every day living, means of transport, deaths from diseases will be a thing of the past and consequently, longer and enjoyable lives will be the order of the day.

The present predicament of traffic snarl ups and road accidents will not be witnessed. We will not need to drive anymore as driverless automobiles controlled by intelligent computers will be in existence. This will improve the transport system and eliminating road rage.

Food supplements engineered to each person’s need and body type will be in the shelves our supermarkets. These food supplements will be injectable or breathed eliminating the need to eat three meals a day. These engineered foods will provide the right amount of energy for days making one active and even eternally energetic. Would it not be awesome not to cook anymore?

In the twenty second century vehicles that travel faster than light will part of everyday life. We will make trips to mars and the moon as part of our ‘domestic’ tourism and casual holiday journeys. Robots that have artificial intelligence will serve us taking care of our security and normal everyday chores.

In the next century we will have conquered death making us immortal rivaling the gods. We will only need to visit a hospital if we will still be calling them as such to change our worn out body parts such as bones, and organs with non-biological body parts which will automatically repair themselves when damaged. Moreover, in the unlikely scenario of total damage to our bodies, our intelligence will be transferred to another artificial body.