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Critical Incident Analysis

 Proposal on Drinking Issue

This proposal is about homeless people who visit the mall while drunk and end up disturbing and threatening night workers using knives. This situation becomes worse and being on duty that night, I decide to call the cops to handle them. This bunch of homeless individuals who come at night in search for shelter also make a lot of noise hence interrupt with activities of this private property. In another incident, I find a drunken person in his car while patrolling and claims that he is fine to drive himself home. Luckily enough after talking to this man, he decides to give me the car keys as I couldn’t allow him to drive in his condition. As a security guard of the venue, I find this incident to be a serious crime that can create challenges in future. In this context, drunkards who hang around the mall can engage in criminal activities such as theft or murder issues.

This incident about people being drunk at the mall is critical because it causes disturbing experiences when they threaten others or even risk their lives by driving (Harry, 2010). As a result, such people indulge themselves into risky characters that subject them to arrests. For instance, when one of the homeless individual threatened me using a knife, I was forced to call the police to intervene. This incident is critical and illegal because it disturbs the peace of those who work at the mall and can results to accidents or death when they drive under the influence of alcohol.

Lessons from Analysis

The purpose of evaluating this incident is to depict benefits or gains when individuals avoid use of alcohol around private properties. In this case, such characters will be aware of the dangers that are associated with excessive intake of alcohol when they are notified (Harry, 2010).  In addition, analyzing use of alcohol around the mall leads to a peaceful working environment and avoid situations whereby people get high and cause chaos. After this analysis, people will learn on dangers that relate to drinking alcohol and also gain knowledge concerning how this hinders them to make relevant decisions. Another benefit is that people will avoid risky experiences that subject them to take part in criminal incidences. This evaluation creates awareness about alcohol and its impacts and ensures that individuals are safe.  In return, it leads to safety precautions such as careful driving among the public which avoids accidents.

Another purpose of evaluating the aspect of drinking is to let users realize that they do not solve their challenges especially when they are depressed. This analysis makes individuals to avoid the contrary that makes them hide their feelings and instead, address issues in a respectable manner. In regard to this incident, the analysis benefits users by revealing to them how getting high can ruin their lives by changing matters to worse levels.

There are also facts that relate to this analysis and purposes that revolve around excessive drinking. First, individuals should note that high intake of alcohol affects how they judge and cooperate with others. This implies that homeless individuals who hang around the mall should be aware of behaviors which confuse or make them loss their memory. In addition, excessive intake of alcoholic products may result to poisoning hence death. It is also evident that these people who indulge in drinking get addicted to an extent that they rely on the products psychologically to handle their issues in life and in search for happiness. Furthermore, drinking alcohol affects users’ health that also interrupts with their normal operation.

Future preventive methods that can aid to eradicate this critical incident of drunkards are to inform the cops to arrest all idlers at this private work place. This is a positive measure that will reduce criminal activities and evade accidents. For instance, it saves a lot of idle individuals who get high from robbing the mall in future (Harry, 2010). The next preventive technique is to create a comfortable place for these people who lack a place to call home. This can be done either through contribution or allowing the government to construct houses for victims. From this analysis, it is clear that alcohol causes deaths and to avoid this, the mall should sell only legal drinks to the public. This implies that any individual found selling alcohol that affect customers should be arrested as a criminal.

In addition, it is also essential for security guards to chase individuals who only come to idle to ensure that this incident is completely put to a halt. Another preventive measure is to establish a rehabilitation center in the neighborhood. This is a beneficial step because it will mould all individuals who are addicted to alcohol be useful again in society. For instance, they can be offered special training that could enable them join the business world. Moreover, only licensed individuals at the mall will be permitted to sell legal drinks (Harry, 2010). This is to avoid a situation of poisoning that cause death when dealers sell drinks to people.

It is vital to check and ensure that the mall structure is in correct shape to facilitate sells to the public. In this circumstance, the owner of the building should ensure that he uses corrects steps during the construction process. Additionally, all worn out places should be repaired as a way of taking precaution to protect the public. Excessive drinking is a critical incident that needs to be considered fast to reduce criminal activities and deaths in future.


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