Errors to Avoid When Writing Research Papers

Research Papers

Although writing a research paper is a demanding task, the anxiety that accompanies writing a research paper due to its significance in the life of a student cannot be overruled as one of the factors that contribute to errors when called upon to write research papers. In this article are errors made, consciously or unconsciously when students write research papers?

a)     Lack of clarity-

One of the reasons why students write research papers that lack clarity is failure to understand the purpose of the research, the objective of the research, or getting information from sources that do not relate to the research question among other factors.

b)     Poor organization-

Organization requires that you arrange your work in such a way there is a logical flow of one idea to another. Please note, a research paper that follows the stipulated structure does not necessarily mean that is properly organized; there needs to be a smooth transition and a point of unity in different chapters.

c)      Summarizing the literature review-

A literature review is a collection of information written on a certain topic or subject. However, the purpose of the literature review is not to summarize that different authors have said, it gives you an opportunity to demonstrate what students synthesize from others authors before they write research papers.

d)     Giving a summary at the conclusion-

The conclusion is not a brief replica of the research, instead, the purpose of the conclusion is to show the interconnectivity of the different sections of a research paper, reinforce the relevance of the thesis statement as demonstrated in the research conducted, and give direction on further research for those who wish to write research papers on the same topic.

e)     Introducing new knowledge in the conclusion-

The temptation to continue a discussion in the conclusion especially when one thinks it could add value to the research cannot be ignored; never add information that is not in the body in a conclusion.