English Sample Essay Paper on Evolution


Antibody evolution refers to the evolution that takes place in the immune system of the body. Evolution often refers to a certain body adapting to the new changes that are not only occurring within it but also in the environment that cause direct effects on the body. Some of these changes often involve systems inside or outside the body, being forced to fight for certain resources that are limited.

Genetic evolution refers to a field of study that deals with the changes that have taken place in the genetic structures of human beings. This field therefore explains evolution in terms of the changes that have taken place in genotype frequencies and the processes that take place that make sure that these changes are permanent and provided various variations of the same systems. Over long periods of time, micro evolutionary forces give rise to patterns that form higher taxonomic groups.

Some have argued that if Darwin would not have lived, the theories of evolution that he brought to the world would have still come into play. However, there is a likelihood that they would have happened later in the nineteenth century. Some other scientists would have come up with certain theories that would have still been in support of evolution. However, they would have probably had philosophies that would have been a little different from those of Darwin. Another angle that comes into discussion is whether the theory of evolution would have had a different effect on human understanding and thinking from what it brought through Darwin. This is because the theory not only brought new thinking to the world of science, but also to important topics such as religion. Evolution was the basis upon which atheism was formed.