English: Prevalence and Trends of Severe Obesity among US Children and Adolescents

Response one

            Obesity in children and adolescents has become a major problem for America. The reason that has been attributed to this is lack of enough exercise for these young people (Skelton, 322). Previously, obesity was not an issue because children had a limited amount of games that they could take part in to pass their time. Therefore, most of their time was taken up by outdoor sporting activities. These days, there are many games that children play that do not require them to go outside and run around, therefore spending most of their time indoors. Video games in particular have been the main menace. Developers are now trying to come up with video games that may help the children have more activity, but this can never be compared to the amount of exercise they take part in outside the house. The education system can also be blamed for the obesity that is increasing. Most of these youngsters who suffer from obesity are school going children. The school curricular are now so packed that the children rarely have any time for themselves (Hedley, et al 2847).

Response two

            The article that is being analyzed here is one written by a fellow student. She talks about the extinction of the panther, which is a breed of the cat family that is currently facing extinction. The reason that has been attributed to this is that there are very many developmental projects that are coming up in the urban areas, Therefore, for these projects to thrive there has to be reduction in the natural habitats where such animals as the panther can easily thrive in. When the natural environments are destroyed, the panthers lose their habitat and some of them die in the process due to inability to survive under harsh conditions.

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