English Homework Paper on Comparing and Contrasting Essay Outline

Comparing and Contrasting Essay Outline

  1. Hook: The choice of where we live is as a result of our eagerness to meet the life’s basic requirements.

Connecting information: The prevailing conditions and experiences dictates the place that one lives; whether in the small town or in the big city.

Thesis Statement: This paper aims at explaining the similarities and differences between living in the big city versus the small towns.

  1. Comparison between living in the big city versus the small town

The big city and the small town can be compared using on following approach.

  1. Majority of the town people earn their income from various undertakings including teaching, sailing, farming and driving within the small towns while in the city, income emanates from working as lecturers, professors, pilots, and great entrepreneurs.

The social condition in the small town is characterized by friendly and social people while the people in town are individualistic (Top of Form

  • Reilly & Jermyn, 2002).
    • The small town is characterized by cleaner and natural environmental conditions while the big city has modern and luxurious environment.
    • Clinics and small to medium hospitals presents the small town while the big city comprises of small and medium clinic in addition to big hospitals.
  1. The difference between living in the big city versus the small town

The main points of contrast between the big city and the small town are described below:-

  1. The small town people earn less than the city people from the activities that they undertake, but they use more on rent (Inoguchi, Tōhō Bunka Kenkyūjo & Siglo, 2003 p. 71)
  2. Because of the communism in the small town, people tend to care for each other more than the city people who are individualistic and more personal (Bochniarz & Cohen, 2008 P. 226).
  3. The small town people do not experience a lot of pollution (Hicks, 2004 p. xxix), and congestion and therefore the environment is serene and more natural unlike the city where industries pollute the environment (Uslaner, 2002 P. 90).
  4. The lifestyle of the small town people is not as lavish as that of the big city.
  5.  Education can be said to have been compromised in the small town since most of the experts and professional are in the big cities where there are more opportunities, and therefore are more likely to be motivated more in the city than in the small town.
  6. medical services vary in the small town when compared to the big city, wher more experts and professionals are located(Green & Wolf, 2009 p. 289).
  7. Conclusion

Both the small town and the city have their merits and demerits and it therefore depends on persons’ prevailing conditions in determining where to live.


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