English Essay Sample Paper on Apology Letter for Missing Classes

Apology Letter for Missing Classes

            I am earnestly sorry to say that I have failed to catch up the classes that we have this semester. Actually, I had my personal reason for missing class last few weeks. Something important happened to my family. When my parents told me that my grandfather was in hospital and did not have much time left, I immediately went back China. When I was child, I was raised by my grandfather because my parents were extremely busy. My grandfather was the closest person to me. Unfortunately, he passed away. This was my first time I knew what loss and grief felt. I feel like the past months have been a mess of every emotion possible. If I had another chance, I would do the exactly same thing. I am really sorry.

            New York Film Academy is my dream school. No one can imagine how much effort I made before applying to this school. It is my honor to be accepted by New York Film Academy and become alumni with Imran Khan and Nollywood heroine Stephenie Okereke, who are Bollywood superstars. I respect every professor here who can look outside the box in an effort to teach his or her students and look for unconventional ways to reach a student who for some reason is not learning the conventional way.

            Now I am writing you this letter of apology to show my deep regret. It was not my wish to skip classes at any moment but the sudden death of my grandfather and the subsequent burial was an occasion I could not afford to skip. I needed some time off to be with my entire family during that short moment of grief and hence the reason for my absence. I understand the need to keep my personal and professional life as a student separate but it became unbearable to keep such a matter out of my mind. This highly emotional circumstance has affected me greatly but I intend to move on and make the necessary changes. From now henceforth, I promise to separate my personal life from education and assure you of my utmost dedication to my course. I fully acknowledge your commitment to education and the need to instill in me the knowledge needed to succeed at New York Film Academy. It is my hope that you will understand my quandary and allow me to continue with my studies. You can expect absolute hard work and full dedication from now onwards. As said earlier, the opportunity of enrollment at New York Film Academy became one of my happiest moments and the urge to complete the course up to its last bit is my goal. It is my sincere hope that our relationship will remain undamaged as I promise full committal to the course, the lecturers and the overall institution at large for giving me this opportunity to pursue my dream course. I will strive to ensure that I continue to learn with the aim of growing under your guidance and entire support. Please accept my sincere apology as I genuinely and impatiently look forward to your noble-mindedness.

Thank you,