English Essay Paper on Where Was I Last Night

Where Was I Last Night

Last night I dined out with my family at Souplantation Restaurant. It is a nice and cozy restaurant that is well renowned for serving food that is not only healthy but also affordable to all individuals regardless of their economic status. The restaurant has been my favorite place since I was a child. When growing up I was not fond of eating out, and my parents constantly discouraged me from engaging in that. However, they occasionally would take the family out to eat at restaurants and diners. Every time we went out, my parents could neither find proper food nor a nice atmosphere to dine at. The first time I visited Souplantation, I immediately fell in love with its ambiance and my parents loved it too. It became a tradition for us to dine at this magnificent restaurant once in a fortnight. The night out at the Souplantation was quite fascinating as everything was excellent that is the food, service, ambiance, and, of course, the good company of family members.

The night started out quite well as my parents had informed everyone early enough that they needed to dress up for this family tradition. The visit to the restaurant had been nurtured into all my siblings, and the delicacies that were consistently served on every occasion lingered through my mind as I buttoned up and put on my sneakers. We left the house at around seven in the evening, and my father drove almost 5km away from the city to access the restaurant. Upon arrival, I marveled at the magnificent scenery the restaurant had provided all through my life. Souplantation is situated next to a lake with beautiful scenery of the surrounding countryside setting. The location is quite spectacular, if not breathtaking, and it was quite packed that night. This was quite understandable since many people in the city were enthusiastic about the restaurant and could occasionally visit it for night outs with the family. Lucky for us my father had gone through the trouble of booking early and visiting the restaurant in the afternoon to confirm our attendance.

I glanced around the restaurant and noticed that it was unusually loud tonight with lots of the revelers chit chatting loudly and laughing at their jokes. It came to my attention that most of the people tonight were young. The management graciously informed us that they had to host a cluster of students who were out camping in the locale and were there to sample the local delicacies. The manager of the restaurant politely apologized for any inconveniences this would have on our visit, but my father was quite okay. In fact, he asserted that having more people in the restaurant made the whole place lively and improved on their ambiance. Nonetheless, the manager insisted that he would try to control the revelers who were notably drunk and quite loud in their conversations. When he noticed that he could not do much to control them, he requested us to change tables, and we were taken upstairs to the VIP lounge, which had recently been set up for selected customers. We had dined at the restaurant religiously for over ten years, and I bet the manager felt that it was just right for us to be served in the novice VIP area without incurring an extra cost.

The theme tonight in the VIP area was Italian, and the place was exquisite and very peaceful. I obtained the best feeling as I walked into the VIP area, and I was quite keen to observe every aspect of the design of the room. I noticed that the employees in this area were friendly, and they had comforting smiles on their faces as they ushered in customers into their respective tables. The Italian music that played that night was quite harmonious and soft probably a mechanism to ensure that customers could settle down quite well into the serene environment. The aroma of Italian food being cooked in the open kitchen was quite tantalizing, and it made me even hungrier. Furthermore, the walls were uniquely textured and produced a smooth yet flowing look that was quite elegant and luxurious. I sensed as if I had just gained entry into some famous building in Italy. There were vinyl plants that clasped on the wall and marble tiles on the floor that made the place quite clean, natural and warm. The host waiter gave us a kind look and gently ushered us to the table that had been set aside for us. The cushion seats were quite soft, and I sank into them happily as I looked forward to the eventful meal that was still a mystery to me.

What shocked us most that night was the setting of the tables as they were covered with newspapers. Both my parents and I did not think of looking into them and when the waiter approached us in a bid to ask what our orders were, my father politely asked for the menus. The waiter gave us a blank look and openly stated that the menus had been in front of us all that time. We laughed at ourselves as we marveled at the unique design of the menus in front of us. My parents were quite fast in ordering vegetable salads as a starter to our dinner. However, the second course was unique tonight where the restaurant provided for an opportunity where customers could catch their fish in the lake and have them cooked by a professional chef to their taste and preference. We were quite astonished by this offer, but the management assured us that we could catch some fish and that the chef could bake, fry, or smoke it as we wished. My family loved this opportunity, and we braced ourselves and engaged in fishing under the guidance of specialized personnel from the hotel. In my first attempt, I was lucky to catch a large trout, and everybody clapped as we carried our catch back to the restaurant to have it prepared for our meal.

The chef had claimed that he knew hundreds of recipes that he could utilize together with his spices to prepare a unique flavor for us. We asked for the trout to be smoked, and one hour later our meal was presented to us. It looked scrumptious and as it turned out it was quite delicious and exquisite.   The personnel who served us were well trained and courteous without being overbearing at all. We were all so happy with the impeccable service and the tasty food that we did not recognize that it was almost midnight. We left a happy lot and were quite happy having attributed that night as being the best as we caught and ate our fish.