English Essay Paper on the Post-apartheid Period

Short Assignment

The writer concentrates on few cases that happened in the post-apartheid period. Therefore, it alludes to a lot of information and tends to put more emphasis on one side that is black peril in explaining apartheid. In some instances, he portrays the whites as mature and responsible. Some of the consequences of making these assumptions are inefficient exposure of historical injustices that the whites have been doing towards the black women. This breeds racial discrimination and differences that dominated rural areas such as the Eastern Cape region. This region was also characterized by land issues that catalyzed racial discrimination amongst residence. From the recent development in South Africa concerning xenophobia, the country is breeding from the act of anger due to racial discrimination that has been going on for a long period. Level of tolerance has gone so low to such an extent the indigenous community’s feels unsafe living with people from other countries.

Historical injustices have been unsolved for decades an act that has heighted the tension amongst the blacks and white in the country. According to the story, the whites exploited black women by sexually harassing them. They did not care about the consequences that would follow after the act or even the life of the victims. In relation to the present days, stereotypes find its way into the community where historical injustices are still prevalent. One of the video comprises the witnesses of apartheids as they narrate their stories. Mrs. H. Both a white South African is mindful about the fate of white residence living in the country. On the other hand, Curtis Nkondo who was charged with highway treason insinuates that democracy can only be achieved if social injustices going on in the country is contained. The second video concerns the white’s preparation for war with guns in the event an attack arises.