English Essay Paper on The Heiress

The Heiress

Discuss your response to a particular scene in the second half of the play the heiress

In a particular scene of the second half of the play, Catherine’s expression changes from that of the hopeful adolescent girl to the cold distant woman, in the wake of Morris abandonment. When Morris unexpectedly returns two years later asking for forgiveness as a result of his disappearance, he misjudges the anger burning inside her. He is so secure in the sophisticated charms that enticed Catherine that he cannot see the clear path to her vengeance.Initially, Catherine says it is too late for apologies but then she becomes strangely seductive with Morris, accepting his marriage proposal. Later that evening when Morris comes for her, instead of leaving to marry him, she commits her own act of abandonment. Her expression, glancing up from the needlework is hard and rigid. She stands at the door listening to Morris calling her. Instantly, her jaw clenches, her chin go up and her face becomes an impassable mask of pride and power. Catherine’s smile on her lips is utterly chilling when she begins to ascend the stairs to her room, as she listens to Morris pounding on the door begging her (Brandie, 2010).

We learn that Morris’s intents are not decent since he deserted Catherine when her father threatened to disown her if she got married to him. Catherine inherits her father’s fortune after his death and lives alone in the large house. She rejects any form of compliments and compassion. From this particular scene, Catherine’s resentment is not without reason. Catherine has been toughened by the relentless abuse from her father and by Morris’s betrayal, that she resorts to become cold and fed-up (The final scene of “The Heiress, 2011).

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