English Essay Paper on The Ethics of Killing Animals for Food vs. Being a Vegan or a Vegetarian

The Ethics of Killing Animals for Food vs. Being a Vegan or a Vegetarian

Kate Williamson has been practicing yoga for a long period of time prompting her to become a vegan in order to achieve her goal towards a healthy body, soul, mind, and mother earth. Yoga teaches that vegetarianism encourages compassion and non-violence as it does not involve killing of animals to acquire food. Instead, vegetarians rely on plant-based sources of food as they do not involve violent killing of animals hence, failing to practice ahimsa. After Kate arrived in Peru however, she began to question and doubt her decision to practice yoga and embrace vegetarianism. This is because the region has abundant freshwater fish from local rivers. The nutritional content acquired from freshwater fish is super abundant without engaging in violent killings. The Shaman explained that eating fish in Peru is considered as an offering from Mother Earth. Thus, vegetarians ought to acknowledge that Mother Earth nourishes animals and plants in order to feed human beings and empower as well as strengthen them into taking good care of her (Kate 1).

Therefore, the notion applied by vegetarians can be described as misinformed, misleading, and incorrect. The relationship between Mother Earth and human beings ought to be symbiotic. The relationship should involve the unending cycle of death and rebirth while offering love and abundance. This does not however translate to confinement of animals or human beings as the balanced relationship is based on the mere natural freedom and rights of association, movement, and integration. Thus, human beings should not engage in practices confining animals in order to limit their freedom of movement and association in attempts to acquire food and nutritional content from animal products. Instead, human beings acknowledge integrating animal products in the diet involves upholding cultural, religious, spiritual aspects to achieve respect and sustainability. Kate’s decision to stop practicing vegetarianism was therefore right. This is because she involved a thoroughly informing decision making procedure in order to come to the conclusion that incorporating animal products in the diet should not be violent. More so, she acknowledges that animals provide human beings with sustainable, high density and healthy nutrients (Kate 2).

The BBC Company in United Kingdom published a report in 2014 in order to determine ethical issues influencing the practice of eating animals. BBC asserted that, eating animals involves violating their rights. Thus, it is morally wrong and unethical for a human being to kill an animal in order to acquire food. BBC should however acknowledge that, Mother Earth abundantly and sustainably supplies some animals in order to feed human beings. BBC further claims the process of killing an animal raised to provide food is an unethical violation of its rights. BBC should however also acknowledge human and animal rights involve diverse technical and philosophical principles. Vegetarians believe animals and human beings should enjoy similar rights and freedoms including the liberty to live. They fail to acknowledge that human beings are incapable of contributing towards the health status of other people. Thus, it is impractical and incorrect to compare animals and human beings as the two parties live through the guidance of diverse rights, freedoms, and liberties. Mother Earth supplies natural resources to animals such as fish in order to ensure they accumulate sufficient nutritional content crucial in maintaining stable health statuses among human beings. This is because Mother Earth further requires the healthy human beings to work hard in ensuring she is taken care of properly (BBC Company 1).

David Katz published an article in 2011 determining how human beings can eat well while being described as good and ethical human beings. He believes practicing vegetarianism is not based on decisive healthy and ethical aspects. Plant-based diets consist of abundant health and nutritional contents. For example, vegetarianism reduces heart diseases by at least seventy percent. Thus, people practicing as vegans believe they do not have to violently kill animals in order to feed and sustain healthy and nutritional lifestyles. They also believe the process if killing for food is unethical as animals and human beings share similar molecular composition. More so, animals and human beings share similar emotions including pain, love, anxiety, irritation, and anticipation among others. However, vegans should also acknowledge the degree of such similarities between human beings and animals differ. This explains why animals eat each other while human beings cannot practice cannibalism (David 1).

Thus, rationalizing animal and human rights and liberties in order to support and motivate vegans is misleading and incorrect. Human beings who kill animals for food should not be described as unethical people. Although the process of killing is painful, brutal and drawn out, vegans should acknowledge it is a practice Mother Earth intended to occur. Thus, the animals are born into a natural Mother Earth as a declaration that the natural and normal symbiotic relationship should be respected, upheld, and sustained.  In conclusion, vegetarians should put an end to the practice of embracing misinformed, misleading, and incorrect ethical, spiritual, and healthy concepts to advocate for vegetarianism. They should embrace the aspects of a natural symbiotic relationship while making ethical, healthy, and nutritional decisions (David 1).

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