English Essay Paper on Response to On Writing Well

Response to On Writing Well

Use of jargon, whereby you find even simplest explanations are done with technical terms that are not easily interpreted. Writers should be simple, clear and straight to the point since this will be an attraction site for readers. Clear thinking is a backbone to clear writing, reading aloud makes the writer identify whether his sentences are making sense. Simplicity is the best policy; the reader is able to follow the flow of the writing. When writing, presenting an idea on paper is challenging, but I have learnt that being simple in words and sticking to clear thinking is the way to go.

The normal form that one or an action takes, is pampered with wordings. For example, instead of using the word ‘now’ you use ‘at the present time’. This trend is called clutter which is used by some firms to hide mistakes and threats. It is a camouflage of language where wordy content is used to cover up the precise terms. Clutter is just like weed; it distracts the reader and also brands the writer with different personal traits. To deal with clutter in a sentence is to point out the words that are not making sense in a sentence. Being a writer, you should make sure that the writing is straight to the point without compromising the understanding of the reader.

Some writers go to the extreme of using different styles to give a sentence some beauty. Good writing is characterized by the writer being genuine in his own uniqueness. The key principle is being relaxed and confident. Being a writer you market yourself by believing what you have inside you and avoiding imitation.