English Essay Paper on Peer Review

Peer Review

Work Hard and Enjoy Life

In this essay, it is argued that work life balance is highly essential for the overall well being of individuals and those associated with them. At the beginning, a contrasting idea on the inability to attain this balance is provided. However, the writer explains that although attitude is also important, work life balance plays a greater role in the physical, emotional as well as the social well being. It is suggested that it is still possible to attain it by embracing a positive attitude in order to remove whatever kind of stresses that people harbor from their workplace and general life. In conclusion, it is stated that this can be attained by putting in a little effort. However, the article does not explain how this balance can be created. As such, it is important to combine attitude with the activities at work and general life in order to relax.

Social Networking in Our Schools

This article points out that teachers and students should not use social networking in their communication. To expound on this, it states that some level of professionalism is lost when this kind of communication is used. The article is introduced with the many benefits that have resulted from the use of technology. These have been related to the classroom environment where communication and research have been enhanced. It concludes that, in order to avoid distractions, students and teachers should not use it as a mode of communication. However, it is a challenge since most technological advancements have been applied in the classroom. The situation can only be improved with the creation of strict standards. In essence, it is only important to use technology in the right way to achieve the expected results.