English Essay Paper on Negative Impacts of Social Networks

Negative Impacts of Social Networks

The social networks have transformed the ways used by people to interact and communicate. In spite of the many benefits associated with social networks, they have led to negative long term consequences in the society. Today, the users of social networks using their personal data and information are exposed to security and privacy invasion. Most of the sites do not adjust their privacy settings to meet the desired privacy levels. The users do not realize how much sensitive and personal information they are sending to the public. Social networking is also associated with other social problems including poor academic performance, substance abuse, and depression among others.

 Thesis Statement:  Considering the impact of social networks in the modern world, social networking has led to adverse effects in the society.

A major drawback of social networks is addiction. Most users of the various social network sites have become addicted to them. Thus, they spend many hours in the sites affecting the performance and productivity in the organizations or even at their homes.  The addictive situation has been noted to cause mental health problems as well as causing harm to the human body.  Most people have lost their jobs in relation to their addiction to the social networking sites. The users might provide their privacy and personal information in the sites which is very insecure. As a result, the increased rates of social network sites addiction affect the productivity of people in the economy.

In addition, the use of social networks has led to the lack of emotional connections between people. Nowadays, people may spend many days with persona interactions, only talking through the social networks. This creates a negative attitude towards people.  Most of the social networks conversations are usually awful to create emotional sense form the other persons. Thus, the inception of social networking has affected emotional nature of human beings. It is very important for people to have feelings towards the other person. It can also be argued that social networks gives people the authority to be hurtful. Social networks usually comprises of violent images and pictures that makes the users hurtful. It has also recued face-to-face communication skills. Most of social networks users lack spoken words of expressing themselves. Therefore, use of social networks has led to the lack of social and effective face-to-face communication skills.

Most users of social networks have poor conversations due to the diminished understanding and critical thinking skills. After the inception of the social networks, the quality of conversations has declined rapidly. Social network users spend much time online making them to forget and internalize their feelings, emotions and character. The communication process through message or voice calls does not provide proper understanding. The social network platforms have diminished the thoughtfulness of the users.  For instance, young children addicted to social networks lack a sense of creativity and understanding.  Apart from the above disadvantages, the use of social network s has increased laziness both at homes and in the workplace. They bring about a sense of convenience that leads to laziness. Thus, the social networks have enhanced laziness as well as diminishing the understanding of the users.

In summary, social networking has created immense damage on the current social interactions and societal beliefs and values. It leads to addiction that makes people less productivity in the workplace. The social networks have also led to reduced face-to-face interactions among friends and relatives. In terms of communication, the social networks have diminished creativity and thoughtfulness of the users.