English Essay Paper on Narrative: At Long Last Home

Narrative: At Long Last Home

            Home was a place I had longed to go after many years in the city. I left home five years before in the year 2009. I missed my playful brother and imagined how lonely he was in my absence. It was not my wish, but my uncle had preferred it. Consistent pleas that I had made to go home, my ancestral home, were not successful despite my hatred for the town life. Adopting city life was a challenge for me as I had spent my childhood upcountry, where my parents brought me up. My uncle had no option but to force me to stay with him as he loved me and never wanted to remain alone: I was to be his companion. I was facing the dilemma of missing my family and making my uncle happy, it was painful to make either decisions since I loved all of them. However, I missed my family and I was not comfortable with the town life. However, the decision depended on my relative. I knew he would see the essence of my plea and let me go home.
            On the evening of February 20, 2014, my uncle came home looking exhausted. He seemed helpless and looked so disturbed that he could not stand it. I guessed he was trying to make a tough decision. He could no longer withhold me. It was time to back to our nice home. Breaking the news to me was not easy to him. He was aware of the much affiliation my siblings had on me that they would not let me come back as soon as he wanted. He called me and told me that my parents needed me home. He had to contain it. I resolved to go but take the shortest time possible. I reached home on February 21, 2014 and was happy to join my family.