English Essay Paper on How to Become a Leader

How to Become a Leader

            Leadership is characterized by influence where a person supports others for them to achieve a common objective. Through leadership, a leader is fully concerned with motivating, directing those around him, mediating and setting priorities right to ensure the common goals and objectives are accomplished.

Due to the fact that different persons have different, unique ways that motivate them, one to be a leader needs to learn on different motivating factors that would work for different persons with different beliefs, skills and experiences in a way to unite everyone in pursuit of a common goal (Pierson, 2011, p. 162).

            In directing, one needs to be engaged in a number of supporting and engaging in different activities in order to create the leadership skill (DuBrin, 2012, p. 167). For instance it is important to come up with positive ideas that would enable a task to be completed effectively.

            Mediation is also another major aspect of becoming a leader and it is usually more about negotiations where, to have the quality, it is good for one to step into conflicts and try to get the conflicting parties together if not so, to come up with confronting ideas that will resolve their issue (Swansburg, 2002, p. 511).

            In becoming a leader and an influential one for this matter, it is often important to set your personal quality characteristics and responsibilities right in order for those around to understand the better part of you as well as your goals as an individual or for your institution (Centre for Creative Leadership, Kanaga, Prestridge, 2011, p. 8).

 Leadership skills are in many forms where one can be a good leader as well as a bad leader. Leading in the right way brings satisfactory results while using wrong leadership skills would lead to regretful results and therefore becoming very unsatisfactory.


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