English Essay Paper on Critical thinking: pleasing and meaningful

Critical thinking: pleasing and meaningful

            Last Sunday I left my apartment block for a little down the Marina Animal Orphanage.  As usual I carried along my camera just in case I came across something worth remembering or beautiful.  I arrived at the orphanage just a few minutes before mid day. After I had paid my entrance fees I walked down east towards the orphanage main gate which was just half a mile away from the main gate. The orphanage was manned by armed rangers for enhanced security from caged wild animals.

            I entered the orphanage through its entrance and I immediately got my camera rolling. My first shots were that of feeding lions which were just adjacent to the gate. Other than the spectacular shots of lions feeding, I was able to capture one of a rogue male lion attacking one other male lion to death. The warden informed the curious onlookers such an occurrence has never been reported or witnessed in the orphanage. Sad as it was I was proud to have captured such scenes in my camera.

Rhodes looks at a verse In the Holy Bible, the New International Version that says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  New international version Philippians 4:6,(Rhodes 43). This is a verse in the bible that I find very inspiring. Whenever we face difficult situations, anxiety takes the better of us. This writing encourages those who face various challenges in life to pray to God and seek His spiritual intervention.  A believer will always lay emphasis to a supernatural being for his spiritual nourishment and solutions to issues that raise anxiety.

The song “Petition the Lord with Prayer” by James Morrison; Robbie Krieger; John Densmore; ray Manzarek. James Morrison sang the song” petition the lord in prayer” in his lyrics he wonders why people cannot pray and contuse to insist that we should petition God in prayer. This piece of song encourages the need to pray to God for solutions to our problems. Prayer works with belief, (Robbie, John and Manzarek “Petition the Lord with Prayer”).

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