English Essay on Benefits and Disadvantages of Prewriting and Journal Writing

Benefits and Disadvantages of Prewriting and Journal Writing

This paper will look at how prewriting and Journal writing helped me this term. Some of the ways that prewriting and journal writing can hinder an individual in progress will also be explored. Journal writing is important because it leads to clarity in one’s thoughts and actions. When reading about a certain field, journal writing in everyday learning can assist an individual to sort out important reading material. This term, journaling assisted me to learn more about the topics, and areas of study that I enjoyed the most. It also helped me improve on my weak areas.

 Prewriting is important because it assists in generation of ideas, and further research to generate concrete material for the actual intended writing. This term, prewriting assisted me to brainstorm, and properly organize what I wanted before I could start. I got higher marks on assignments that I applied prewriting and/ or journal writing. Prewriting is quite important for individuals that want to ensure that they get a well written final copy. After a person has organized his/her thoughts and ideas, he/she can write the final paper, and go through it again to ensure that there are no mistakes in grammar and spelling (Stevens and  Cooper 4).

For some individuals, journal writing can be hindering as it would take a lot of time to write, especially for technical subject learners. For technical subject learners, such as engineering, journal writing might lead to an unnecessary increase in the word content of irrelevant material. In addition, most science students are strictly required to write on facts, and leave out unnecessary and obvious explanations.

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