English Essay on Audience: Parents and Kids on Breakfast

Audience: Parents and Kids on Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

I agree with the writer’s sentiments of parents less concern about the lifestyle of their children. Healthy living is not observed in the kind of food and diet that is taken every day. Everything in America has been industrialized and food is no exception. Processed and packed food is the easiest solution to hunger. A bright day is seen in the morning; hence the right measures on the diet should be prioritized. Children like sugary things but a diet with high sugar content has its own drawbacks.

Children should be introduced to the healthy food types right from the time of conception. Parents especially mothers during the pregnancy period should be very watchful of the diet they eat. The writer clearly indicates that children are adapted to the food particles that are common to the mother. The author states clearly the role of parents on the children on ensuring that kids adapt to healthy diet.

            The writer uses pathos to convince parents and to show them the reality of the unhealthy living they have exposed their children into. He leaves the parents in a position to choose what is right and what is wrong. The common idea “that children should have bland, sweet food is a very industrial presumption”. The writer uses the approach to convince parents and kids theories about sugar. The writer presents much more information that is convincing; contrasting Africa and America way of dieting presents a vivid picture that something needs to be changed soon.

The writer has used pictures, comparing and contrasting the American diet with the rest of the world. I agree with the writer that it is easy to make kids eat sugar than to make them eat the recommended healthy diet that is of low sugar.