English Critical Thinking Paper on Definition Activity One

Definition Activity One

My borderline case is whether lack of promotion at work a case of discrimination. The situation of my friend called Zack who was employed three years ago and he has not been promoted; unlike his colleagues whom he joined with. The issue is whether this case fits or qualifies to be identified as a racial segregation case. This is a contradictory notion because some people will argue that employees are promoted based on their productivity, academic achievement and appraisals. On the contrary, some people will argue that they win favors or are promoted based on their ethnicity. Such scenarios present Human Resource Managers with work dilemma, as they are not sure of the right decision to make.

Definition Activity Two

Category: Discrimination

  • Obvious cases
  1. Telling a potential candidate that she does not have good communication skills because she has a Japanese accent
  2. A candidate applies for a job but he fails to get a position; after inquiring, the manager tells him, “we have employed people from your country before and they do not match our work ethics.”
  3. Refusing to employ a lady as a receptionist because she cannot handle black guests.
  4. Receiving different wages and salaries in two employees who are at the same level and handle similar responsibilities.
  • Contrastive case
  1. Making two queues for men and women
  2. Boarding school for boys and girls
  3. Secluded parking areas for the disabled
  4. V.I.P sections for the leaders and guests
  5. Convicting one suspect out of two who have committed the same crime
  • Borderline cases
  • Is refusing to treat a patient who does not have money for the bills unethical
  • Is Building a research center or a library in college that only houses a few students while others cannot access it discrimination.