Engineering Admission Essay on Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Technological innovations have played an integral part in promoting and developing entrepreneurial skills among various agencies, firms, and individuals. As such, technological advancements have led to positive impacts on various city economies. In Oklahoma, technological innovations have had various positive impacts from partners, such as i2E, OCAST, and the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance among others. Firstly, OCAST is considered as an engine of technological developments, commercialization, and transfer, since its establishment in 1987. OCAST has achieved key performances. Being an advanced technological and scientific center, OCAST has been able to create 12,494 jobs in the last five years. OCAST has an average pay of $ 55,000 with a 5.4 billion dollar impact. As such, it has been able to expand Oklahoma’s technological state and employment opportunities.

OMA has been able to work with manufacturers strategically in order to broaden the state of the economy in Oklahoma and create wealth. OMA does this by offering business advice and technical assistance to companies. These services aid the success and innovation of firms, corporations, and agencies in Oklahoma. In addition, the network of engineers and agents help in Oklahoma’s wealth creation. Similarly, i2E has supported entrepreneurial spirit in Oklahoma. The i2E mission is to enhance the growth of companies through entrepreneurial investment. i2E has venture advisors who coach and provide advanced business guidance for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, i2E gives upcoming businesses in Oklahoma startup capitals. It also works with other business associations, chambers, and local governments among others. This is aimed at tapping any entrepreneurial potential among Oklahoma residents. Therefore, all these strategic partners aim at promoting technological innovation, wealth creation, and improvement of the Oklahoma economy.