Emerging Leadership Theories Analysis Paper Sample Summary

Emerging Leadership Theories Analysis Paper

The aspect of servant leadership is one that is difficult to understand. While many people desire to be regarded as servant leaders, most of them fail to recognize the features of servant leadership. Greenleaf (2002) asserts that servant leadership entails being a servant first before being a leader. As such, it requires understanding and empathizing with followers. Recognizing the different features of people as individuals gives servant leaders the ability to understand people in terms of their uniqueness and subsequently to work with them towards the achievement of organizational objectives. Servant leadership is therefore crucial as it guides employees towards improvement. In empathizing with others, servant leaders seek to understand the situations of the followers before making judgments. They have to carry out the demands of the management while also standing up for employees as this helps to motivate and drive the workers towards greater achievement.

Empathy enhances an organization’s department of human resources which is an important role in the organization. Furthermore, it helps to create positive relationships with the stakeholders of the organization such as customers and employees. Although servant leadership is most cited in religious circles, it is clear that it is applicable in a wide range of contexts. Christianity, Buddhism as well as Judaism and other religions encourage servant leadership (Greenleaf, 2003). In spite of all these, the concept is still shunned by some due to the potential for misuse. However, the method is confirmed to be good as it helps in leading by example. Servant leaders show others the way through doing. Servant leadership thus reduces wrangles within an organization as it creates mutual understanding between employees and their leaders and also creates potential for mutual benefits among all the stakeholders.


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