Effects of Environmental Degradation on Human Life

Effects of Environmental Degradation on Human Life

Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment as a result of consumption of important natural resources including water, soul, and air, destruction of natural environment and elimination of wildlife. It is known as aggravation of natural resources to be undesirable or pernicious.

As mentioned earlier, environmental degradation is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity and it comes in many forms including climate change, pollution, desertification and deforestation. Climate change is a major issue of concern in the world because it leads to ecological degradation and increases societal vulnerability. In the end, it affects humanity in different ways.

Effects of environmental degradation on human life

Deaths and illnesses

Environmental degradation has led to deaths of many individuals over the past years. Billions of illnesses are also reported across the globe due to water pollution. Scarcity of water generates this problem. Productivity of quality water is affected by costs of production and economic constraints. This leads to water shortages, pollution and shortage of environmental resources hence, irreversible effects.

Diseases are also spread by uncollected garbage and blocked drains. The health risk posed by hazardous and solid waste is typically localized and in many cases, acute. Wastes affect human life and productivity through groundwater resources pollution.

Deaths have also occurred due to air pollution. Much of urban generation suffers chronic respiratory conditions because of a wide range of toxic air pollutants from industrial activities. During such a period, productivity is greatly affected. Industrial activities lead to acid rain that affects various water bodies and forests.


Cases of malnutrition have also been on the rise in many parts of developing countries. This is attributed to productivity losses on tropical soils that is estimated at 0.5-1.5 percent on GNP. Secondary losses on the other hand are because of siltation of hydrologic investments, transportation channels and reservoirs.

Development of new drugs

Due to environmental degradation, there is loss of biodiversity. Animal and plant extinction potentially reduces and affects development of new drugs. This reduces the adaptability of the ecosystem thus, leading to depletion of genetic resources.

Climatic natural disasters

Global warming is one of the effects of environmental degradation on human life that has generated a lot of concerns. It affects human life in many ways for instance increasing natural disasters due to changes in climate and ozone depletion.

Global warming has in the past years increased cases of skin cancer and cataracts. Productivity is therefore affected leading to an increase in sea damage to coastal investments. Disruption of marine life and food chain as well as change in agricultural productivity has also been reported.

Loss of tourism industry

Tourism industry is one of the industries that have been affected by environmental degradation. Environmental deterioration causes a setback in the industry because it damages the natural green cover, causes huge landfills, increases water and air pollution. Many tourists love a naturally beautiful environment to help them unwind. Therefore, when the environment is degraded, they are discouraged.

Additionally, it is a great turn off for tourists who love animals when wildlife is affected.

Effects of environmental degradation on human life and Economic impact

Tourisms boost a country’s economy. Therefore, the huge expense that a country can suffer is often based on economic impact that occurs as a result of poor tourism. This occurs when a country receives a low number of tourists as they turn to other countries with a pleasant environment.

Additionally, the government suffers economically in restoration of green cover, protection of wildlife and endangered species and restoration of green cover. The economic impact is felt due to high cost of carrying out these activities and many losses in tourism industry.

Therefore, the effect of environmental degradation on human life can be quite devastating as it affects man economically, socially and physical. Environmental systems of a country are also affected as well as global ecosystem. It is wise to note that environmental disasters do not recognize borders created by man and they threaten the legacy that is preserved for future generations of a supportive and clean environment.

For the above reasons, all must work together to reduce the impact of ecological degradation and other contributing factors.

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